Interview with Emily Schromm of “The Real World: Washington, D.C.”

AE: Do you still talk to the hot Starbucks girl?
Yes, we still talk. She is amazing, inside and out. And she to this day always makes fun of me about me creeping on her in Starbucks, although I think it was one of her favorite mornings too.

AE: Speaking of Ty, last Wednesday’s episode showed a side to Ty that was a bit scary. Do you gys still hang out? If you do, is it awkward?
All of the roommates will agree, Ty is a different person on camera and with alcohol. All of us had to fight the urge to “prove ourselves” with the cameras around. Watching ourselves is a growing process, and I think he has been shocked about some of the stuff he has seen.

He has grown in the after process more than anyone in the show, in my opinion. We hang out when it comes to MTV stuff, and I think he has apologized more times than I can count. It is nice to let go of the past, and with Ty, we started from scratch when the cameras turned off.

AE: Sorry, I have to ask. Did you go out with or hook up with any women while on the set of The Real World?
I did indeed. I am a little shocked that in the regular season you will not see it. I have a feeling the editors wanted to continue to make the “relationship” between Ty and me look a lot more exclusive and meaningful than it ever was. “The Sh-t They Should Have Shown” show is full of fun though. *Cough cough*

AE: Have you dated any women after the hot Starbucks girl?
I have dated more girls than guys believe it or not. At this point in my life, it is just who I am naturally drawn to. Plus women are such better kissers! Well, actually, everything for that matter!

AE: A couple of episodes ago, the housemates discussed Mike’s sexuality, and they can’t seem to wrap their heads around the concept of bisexuality. Everyone keeps telling Mike that he is gay, and I recall you telling Erika and Ashley that although Mike may like boys more than he likes girls, even if he likes girls just a little bit, it means that he is still bisexual, and you used yourself as an example. Then Erika tells you that she would feel comfortable with you and Mike if either of you were to come out as gay.

It almost seemed that they treated bisexuality as a stepping stone or pit stop to ultimately choosing whether to be straight or gay, which, as you know, isn’t the case. Why do you think people have a hard time grasping the concept of bisexuality?
We bisexuals are greedy people! [Laughs] I consider myself lucky that I can connect with both girls and boys. I think it is so hard for some people to understand merely because they can’t relate. Almost every issue or problem arises from someone just not thinking out of the box. It is sadly the way society thinks, i.e. if you don’t relate to it or don’t understand it, shut it out. If one can’t understand it, it must not exist, which is sad.

I hate how much focus is on “bi” or “gay” when it should just be universally accepted that anyone can date anyone, and no one should judge or criticize. Maybe someday, eh?

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