Take “Bitch Slap” home with you today on DVD

Are you ready to get Bitch Slap-ped in the privacy of your own home? The modern-day homage to the B-movie and exploitation flick was released in an unrated version on DVD yesterday. Yes, you read that right — unrated. That whole privacy of your own home is sounding better and better, isn’t it?

Since our first breathless reporting on Bitch Slap back in August 2008, the film has had a limited theatrical release as well as several specialty screenings across the country. But now anyone with a DVD player and $22.98 can see what all the fuss is about. And, by fuss, I mean all the butt-kicking, girl-on-girl kissing, cleavage bearing, wet T-shirt wetting, stuff blowing up you can pack in 109-minutes. Kind of like this.

The plot (hey, pretend it’s important) follows the exploits of a trio of women including down-on-her luck stripper Trixie (Julia Voth), ball-busting businesswoman Hel (Erin Cummings) and drug-running killer Camero (America Olivo) and who are on the run in search for a stash of stolen jewels.

The movie also features cameos by cameos by Xena: Warrior Princess stars Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor, actress/stuntwoman Zoe Bell and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys alums Kevin Sorbo and Michael Hurst. Oh, and I mentioned Lucy and Renee were playing nuns, right?

The DVD includes the behind-the-scenes documentary “Building A Better B-Movie” as well as two commentary tracks — one by producers Rick Jacobson, Eric Gruendemann and Brian Peck and another by the film’s three stars Voth, Cummings and Olivo.

Bitch Slap is available at major retailers like Best Buy and Target and online at Amazon.com. So, fire up that DVD player and dim the lights. There’s gonna be a whole lotta slapping going on. Hey, hey, hey — on screen, people, on screen. Mostly.