Gwyneth Paltrow drops out of “The Danish Girl”

Last fall, we told you that Gwyneth Paltrow had been cast in The Danish Girl, playing the wife of Einar Wegener, the first person to go through gender reassignment surgery.

Nicole Kidman will play Wegener, who changed her name to Lili Elbe post-surgery.

This weekend, however, reported that Paltrow has withdrawn from the movie. She told Harper’s Bazaar that a change in the film’s location was too hard on her children, who travel with her.

Some gossip sites claim that the story-behind-the-story is that Nicole hurt Gwyneth’s feelings. Paltrow was in Nashville shooting Love Don’t Let Me Down and tried to get in touch with Kidman, who lives nearby. According to, “Nicole declined.” Reps for both Paltrow and Kidman deny the reports. Personally, I wonder if Nicole could move her mouth to talk to Gwyneth, even if she wanted to.

Whatever happened, the film is again left without a Gerda. Charlize Theron had the role originally and dropped out last fall, citing reasons similar to Paltrow’s and dashing the fantasies of readers worldwide.

Since The Danish Girl is a story that needs to be told, perhaps we should help out the casting director a bit with suggestions for a new Gerda.

Dorothy Snarker’s original casting suggestion still is worthy of consideration, especially since we haven’t seen much of Kate Winslet lately — a completely unacceptable state of affairs.

Gillian Anderson also comes to mind. She tends to go for offbeat roles and period dramas, so might be attracted to the role of Gerda. (You’re welcome.)

And, keeping with the “type” that has been cast so far, Cate Blanchett seems a logical choice.

Cate and Nicole are friends already — and share a homeland — so at least we might be spared rumors of trouble on the set. Besides, stamp buddies always stick together.

Do you have any suggestions for the role of Gerda? Who would you choose to be Nicole Kidman’s wife?