“You Move Me” is a lesbian bromance

The term “bromance” has translated into a hot box office storyline for films like Harold and Kumar or any Seth Rogan hit. Now, lesbians are taking on the bromance mentality for a flick of our own.

The outrageously hilarious Rebecca Drysdale has teamed up with fellow funny woman Drae Campbell for the short film You Move Me. Drysdale has written for The Big Gay Sketch Show and is known for her hip-hop L Word serenade that hit the web in 2008. And though she’s less well known than her co-star, Campbell is definitely the next lezzie comedian on the block. She articulates her desires in a perfect sort of introduction in the stylishly silly “Dandy” video on Funny or Die.

Written primarily by Campbell, You Move Me is produced and directed by Gina Hirsch and the plot is described as:

Tru is moving out of her ex-girlfriend’s apartment. She needs to pick up the last of her stuff, and enlists her best friend Dex’s help in doing so. The two plan to arrive at the ex’s apartment while she’s out, but the visit turns out to be ill-timed.

Although the short clocks in at only 12 minutes, stills reveal that there is sure to be more than one shocker and some funny sexual adventuring. The image of the U-Haul itself has become a cultural phenomenon so specific to our community that only your best butch bud could possibly extract one from the symbolic black hole of coupledom that it represents.

You Move Me is slated to appear at the NewFest in New York on June 12. You can also catch it in Philadelphia in July and North Carolina in August. I’m sure other screenings are in the works to bring it closer to everyone. What better time for a road trip and a breakup butch buddy flick than the summer?