Played Out: Chilly

Hey y’all it’s Friday again. It’s like it keeps happening. Here’s another installment of Played Out.

This week someone was foolish enough to ask me to DJ an actual company holiday party—for a real business. I didn’t play any of these songs, but I did play “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” and the theme song to Gilmore Girls slowed way, way down with sirens over it. What I’m saying is I probably won’t be asked back. Hopefully I can redeem myself here. Then again, I’m leading with Marilyn Manson.

Marilyn Manson – “Deep Six”

Nostalgia or not, it’s a pretty solid track from arguably the best Hot Topic artist of all time.

Idyll – “Bad Boi”

This is only the second single from Chicago duo Idyll. But the music is really catchy. Pus they both look like the kind of girl I would swipe right to on Tinder even though I know they’re straight.

Viktoria Modesta – “Prototype”

Honestly, I don’t really remember what the music sounded like because the video is what it’s all about. 26-year-old Latvian model-cum-pop star Viktoria Modesta, who happens to have lost a leg, shines in this sleek Bond-style bionic super hero/villain mini-movie.

Evans The Death – “Don’t Laugh At My Angry Face”

This is the kind of song that you could (I did) accidentally leave on repeat and not only not notice, but like more at the end. The music is a little off kilter, but not unsettling, the guitars support the blended boy/girl vocals into something that nears ’90s alt-rock dream status.

Max Frost – “Let Me Down Easy”

Another synth track with solid jazz and blues bones that build a sturdy skeleton for an incredibly pretty song about getting let down, easy. Also the drums at 2:30 are a really fun little burst.

Michael Clark – “Talking To Nobody”

As yet relatively unheard of Michael Clark is becoming known for crafting a somber tracks that recall Elliott Smith in their bleak sincerity. “Talking To Nobody” firmly falls into that category, making it far and away the most sobering single of the week, but boy if you’re feeling down might I suggest a listen or two.

Peace – “World Pleasure”

I made my friend Pauline (Hi Pauline!) sit with me for hours while I did this one day this week and she said, “Hey, I like that one” to this one. So in honor of you, Pauline, I figured I’d include it. Merry Christmas in French to you.

Grrl Pal – “Nght”

It opens a little Purity Ring-y, which I was worried would translate into a bad facsimile, but Australian duo Grrl Pal quickly reign it in and make it all their own. They seamlessly blend glitched vocals with dreamy synths and pulsing upbeat energy throughout the length of the track.


Island Fox – “Tectonic x Benjamin Abbott”

Another one of those mysterious internet music projects floating around. Island Fox sets itself apart with really solid vocals and excellent production. In other words, they’re making good music, mysterious or not.

k.i.d – “I Wish I Was Your Cigarette”

I had this week’s list all set to go, and then I heard this this morning, so I had to restructure. Kara and Bobby are siblings from a small town in Ontario, and I’m currently obsessed with them. It’s playing in the background right now and as soon as I finish writing this sentence I’m going to watch the video again.

Christmas Miracle: Did you really think that I wasn’t going to address the best thing to happen to music in months? Also why choose. Here’s D’Angelo’s Black Messiah in its entirety. Happy Chanukah. (I like to mix match my holiday sentiments.)

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