Played Out: Music for the Future

Happy New Year’s, y’all. Hope you met 2015 bubbly in hand, locked lips with “the one,” or you know, someone.

Despite it being a pretty light week in the way of new music releases I did managed to dig up a few worthwhile tracks for us to set our resolutions to this year. We got some Marina and The Diamonds, Metric and , so before you hit the gym and head to the farmer’s market, take a listen.

Marina and The Diamonds – “Immortal”

There has been a ton of buzz already over Marina and The Diamonds upcoming LP Froot. And though she’d already released the title track, which was impressive and a solid reminder of what made her a star, “Immortal” is a more complete and masterfully restrained single that showcases her growth as an artist.

Camel Power Club – “Laika”

A little something new from French duo Camel Power Club featuring 30 elementary school students, this song is nearly the definition of listenable. Cute and bouncy it brought a smile to my hungover face, which seemed reason enough to include it this week.


Metric – “The Fatal Gift”

New Metric. Chill. A bit more ballad-y and a little darker than we’re used to from the Canadian electronic darlings. Still good, still excited to see what’s next.


Shabazz Palaces – “Ham Sandwich”

Seattle’s Shabbaz Palaces closed out 2014 with a this stand alone spacey, slick hip-hop track. Here’s to hoping for more in the new year.  


Tella Viv – “ithaka”

Honestly I needed these keys this week. I didn’t realize I needed keys, but then I heard them and I knew what was missing. Also such an appropriate video because I actually felt like I was underwater.


Chiefs – “Like A Match”

Do you know when you really want to rock out but honestly you’re just too tired? Like maybe right after two weeks of holiday gavaging yourself with all foods and anything with an alcohol content have taken a toll, just as an example of course. This is what you need.


The Night VI – “Too Late To Lie”

A really pretty pop ballad. Sophie-Rose’s vocals approach alt R&B territory with subtle nods, while staying firmly rooted into straightforward pop. Certainly an intriguing first track off a forthcoming EP later this year.


Kind Of Like Spitting – “Bullied By A Bee”

I was sold on the first 20 seconds, and the rest of the track continued to unfold itself as sort of a weirdo mish mosh of the best of the late ’90s early aughts alt rock. It’s a bit like walking on an uneven surface, but it totally works.


Twist Band – “Slums And Seaports”

I feel like if I were going to write a song today, I would want it to sound like this. Skuzzy, energetic, guitar laden, angsty. Very like, “Whatever mom,” but grown up.


MØ – “New Year’s Eve”

Relatively fresh off a North American tour MØ just posted this catchy ode to New Year’s with accompanying video. It’s a more stripped-down version of her usual flare, but still encompasses all of what makes her such a dynamic artist.

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