Played Out: Got it Bad

The end of April turned out to be another great week in general, and more specifically in music. Here’s the best of what I found these last seven days.

Chelsea Wolfe – “Iron Moon”

I had a couple of songs listed for this week and I deleted them all when I heard this. I’ve been a fan of her doom-folk since 2013’s Pain Is Beauty and it would appear that the time between albums has only strengthened her craft. 

Alessia – “Here”

This is how I feel at literally every single party I’ve ever been to. Oh, also the song is extremely listenable and quite pretty.

The Derevolutions – “Another Day In Paradise” (Phil Collins Cover)

Cover of the week. If you never went through a Phil Collins phase, this playful Derevolutions number might spark an aftershock wave.

Daughn Gibson – “It Wants Everything”

Daughn Gibson’s got the pipes of an old school crooner and the aesthetic sensibilities of a cinematic and sprawling Lynchian doom scene. Stayed tuned for his forthcoming LP this June out on Sub Pop. 

LEISURE – “Got It Bad”

New Zealand coming through with proof that they’ve got more than just Lorde to share with the world. Slick vacation vibes on this on the nose leisurely production.

Merely – “Scandinavia”

A visually compelling pop single from Sincerely More artist Merely. She delivers some yin and yang health goth vibes for the nordic set.

Ezra Furman – “Lousy Connection”

Can it be that the new/ old 90’s movement is rolling into the ’50s? Because I would just be in heaven. Bella Union’s Ezra Furman is doing his best to make it so.

Gallant – “Talking In Your Sleep”

With an incredible falsetto and hyper of-the-moment production Gallant’s latest track lands smoothly. An exciting follow up to last month’s “Open Up.”

Doldrums feat. Samantha Urbani – “IDONTWANNABEDELETED”

A fun dance track from Canadian producer Doldrums featuring vocals from Blood Orange collaborator Samantha Urbani.

The Vaccines – “Minimal Affection”

A timeless rock single from the Brit boys of The Vaccines. There’s enough pop in the mix to make the track endlessly accessible, while keeping a chilled out cool to the overall packaging of the song.

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