Played Out: Young Girls

This coffee shop that’s so-Williamsburg-it’s-LA just opened up down the street from me. It has white walls, Navajo throw blankets, and succulents just everywhere. Now I can’t even remember what city I live in, but I keep going back because they have a rewards card. That being said, the last three times I’ve been in that Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz song “Lucky” has been playing and there’s only so long I can excuse that.

Anyway, not what you came here for, and I promise I don’t have any Jason Mraz. Here are this week’s 10 best new singles selected by yours truly. Enjoy ladies.

PINS – “Young Girls”

Effortlessly cool chicks playing rad rock. A little Best Coast, a little PNW (Pacific Northwest, I made that up). I’m on board. Are you?

Goblin Rebirth – “Requiem For X”

New Goblin. New Goblin. New Goblin. Do you know what I mean? If not to sum it up they are the masterminds behind the soundscape Dario Argento’s Italian horror films of the ’70s and ’80s. Honestly they’ve aged well, or maybe it’s just always a good time for prog-horror rock? 

Froth – “Turn It Off”

This California sun-soaked guitar driven track is also confusing my sense of time and place. But gosh darnit, I like it, and I’m not the only one they were tapped to provide runway music for one of last year’s Saint Laurent Men’s shows.

Abram Shook – “Perfect”

Ethereal wandering pop with pretty and seamless production and a pervasive sense of boundless wanderlust throughout. It’s one of those perfect aimless summer day soundtrack songs.

Nocturnal Sunshine feat. Chelou– “Believe” 

The second single from British mastermind producer Maya Jane Coles‘ dub-step side project. She recently has been garnering much deserved attention for when Nicki Minaj used her track “What They Say” to build “Truffle Butter” on top of.

The Big Moon – “Sucker”

Canada is just killing it in the rock game. This all girl quartet lays down this self produced ’90s-tinged track that comes out the gate with super androgynous vocals and builds into a really solidly constructed pop number. 

Doe Paoro feat. Adam Rhodes- “The Wind”

Recorded with vocals from her songwriting partner Brooklyn based Doe Paoro is striking all the right chords with this slow burn. Both pretty and relevant.

Bishop Nehru – “Bishy In Japan 16 (Knowing Nothing)”

New York-based rapper Bishop Nehru just posted this smooth track. It’s very clearly inspired by his time in Japan and well worth the listen.

Miya Folick – “I Got Drunk”

We’ve all been there, girl. Thanks for owning it.

Zella Day – “Day High”

I hope I never have to see that font she used again: It’s like Lana Del Rey meets Burning Man. That being said, I can’t help it that I like big pop numbers and it’s got enough grit to make me take it seriously.

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