Exclusive Premiere: Shelita Burke’s music video for “Transfixed”

Out indie jazz-folk musician Shelita Burke‘s new video for her song “Transfixed” is a dreamy Parisian bus ride from French director Pascaline Blanchecotte

“Once words are said, words are ‘dead’ and swim in the fragments of our memories,” Shelita said of the song, the title track from her album, which came out in November. “In a world where we have access to so much information, it is hard to make sense out of all the noise, to differentiate between facts and fictions.”


On the video concept, Shelta describes what is going through her mind while she’s on the bus:

“As she is slowly transported to her mind, there are some disorganized memories of her daily life and some memories of intimate moments she shared with the love of her life, but there is a fine line between the imaginary and mere fantasy. She is trying to recall her feelings and question them. She is recalling every detail about her, the touch of the skin, the taste of her lips, the perfect movements of her body, but there is also a misunderstanding between their differences and their disillusions. But we don’t actually know. We don’t know if that someone else is part of her past, her present or her imagination. Did their hands really touch? Did she caress her back? Did they hold each other? No matter if it’s reality or fantasy, present or past, the feeling for someone is still the same: enchanting and complex.”