New Music Tuesday: Paloma Faith, Ke$ha, Brooke Sharkey

It’s a very happy Tuesday in music land today and not just because global warming has made the weather unseasonably nice. My top album of the day is one of my favorites of the year and has something for everybody to love. Let’s get this party started.

Paloma FaithFall to Grace (Sony)

Photo by Desmond Muckian

Simply put: I effing love this album. What is it with the influx of babes singing the shit out of blue-eyed pop soul? Faith’s vocals embody the nostalgic, but timeless, qualities similar to those of AdeleSia and Duffy. When she sings of heartache, you can feel it because the words are being catapulted out of her mouth from the depths of her gut. There are singles galore and each track has its own stand-out quality to separate it from the rest of the songs. “Blood Sweat and Tears” is a personal favorite — with some disco beats and raw, sultry soul. I’ve forced each of my roommates to listen to that song as I do an interpretive dance to it and I highly suggest you do the same. Stream the album in its entirety over at Spinner.

Ke$haWarrior (Kemosabe Records)

Photo courtesy of Facebook

Part of me is wondering if my review can simply be me telling you all how embarrassed I am to have this album showing up in my Spotify feed on my Facebook page. I feel badly shitting all over the Ke$ha parade, particularly since she is a big enough fan of Jack Daniels to brush her teeth with it. Also, she somehow got Iggy Pop to guest on a song, “Dirty Love,” which is pretty badass and it’s my favorite thing she’s put out yet. But I just can’t stand the monotony of her entire collection. Every song I’ve heard from her sounds almost exactly the same to me. Hell, almost every song I’ve heard from her, Karmin and a few other acts all sound the same. Of course, when I was younger my parents said the same thing about the music I listened to so maybe it’s just my age. So, take a listen and make your own judgements. I’ll be over here telling the kids to get off my lawn and hoping my friend won’t make me sit through another lecture on Ke$ha’s participation in the Illuminati.

 Brooke SharkeyOne Dress (self-released)

Photo by Eftihia Stefanidi Photography

Sharkey is a young singer-songwriter wise beyond her years and her talent for songwriting and music composition are shown throughout this fantastic debut. We all know the quickest way to my heart is with the use of string instruments and they are showcased beautifully here but also taken up a notch thanks to her voice’s ability to take on similar characteristics as the strings playing behind her. The album is certainly more mellow than the others featured here today but unlike many other folk albums, Sharkey’s sound is gigantic, enveloping your senses like a winter coat shielding you from nature’s elements. Listen to this on a cold, sunny day while wearing your favorite cableknit sweater.

Music Extras: If you’ve got Spotify you’ll see I also included tracks from the 10th anniversary edition of Interpol‘s Turn on the Bright Lights album. It’s one of my favorite albums of all time so if you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s well worth a listen or ten thousand.

Fans of The Voice may want to check out the Kickstarter campaign launched by past contestant Chevonne, who is on her way to releasing an album.

Elin Ruth is sharing some great free tracks from her recently released EP and you can grab them at her Facebook page.

Telephoned decided the Singles soundtrack needed a bit of R&B flavor and did a whole album of reimagined covers which you can stream and download right here:

Check out the first single from R&B duo, Lady, who will be dropping their self-titled debut March 2013.

Stream the album teaser for the upcoming God-des & She album coming out this February. I had the opportunity to hear the album in its entirety a few months ago and these ladies have seriously got something special here. I can’t wait for you to hear the whole thing.

I know I don’t usually share a lot of music from male artists here but Churches just dropped his great pro-marriage equality song and I thought we could all benefit from a listen.

Check out this cover of Freelance Whales from Lucius.

The first line of Martha Wainwright‘s “Can You Believe It” talks about her affinity for makeup sex. That’s something I can get behind.

The title of this track from Bentcousin gave me a chuckle and it’s also easy on the ears!

That’s all for this week! As always, you can shout me out on Twitter, friend me on Facebook or if you’re in NYC and end up at Dalloway’s tonight, come over and say hi. In the meantime and between time, keep it real homeslices.