Watch now! Anna Kendrick is a K-Pop Sensation!

Do you like Anna Kendrick? Of course you do. And not just because she was nominated for an Oscar while starring opposite of George Clooney in Up in the Air. You thought she was the best part of all the Twilight movies, and you own Pitch Perfect on Blu-ray, and sometimes when no one’s looking you update your Chloe + Beca Appreciation Tumblr with Barden Bellas fanfiction.

Well, good news, lezbo: Anna Kendrick is campaigning to become the whole world’s sweetheart! First stop: Seoul, where she’s teaming up with K-Pop superstars F(x)!

You thought that thing was going to take a super-gay turn there in the middle, didn’t you? You can be honest. We’re all family here.