Brandi Carlile’s 10 Hottest Instagrams

Breaking News: Either Brandi Carlile has a particularly wonderful photographer who manages her Instagram for her, or she just somehow gets even more achingly, soulfully sexy every damn day. (It’s probably the latter.)

And OK, maybe this isn’t actually BREAKING NEWS, but I feel like it is every time she posts a new photo lately. Whenever there’s a new one that really hits me in the gut, I want to look around me and yell, “Guys, but are you SEEING this shit?” But mostly I’m yelling into the void.

So I thought, just maybe, we could ignore everything else in our lives for a few minutes and yell together. Shall we?

#10. There is nothing more adorable than a beautiful girl in a Newsies cap, giving you an uncertain, vulnerable look with those lovely eyes in fuzzy focus. See also: the boots.


#9. No big deal, I just got married in London and my wife and I both have ridiculously perfect and shiny locks and speaking of ridiculously perfect, my laugh could achieve world peace, like my joy will burst through your pathetic little smartphone at any minute and crack its screen. p.s. my jacket is better than your jacket.


#8. In case you didn’t get enough of that laugh, here’s another angle that truly shows how sexy smile lines and a bandana can be on a woman’s head. I mean, in case there was any doubt.


#7. Stop ogling the tattoos on my arms, you guys! I also have legs! Lots of ‘em!


#6. And a stomach.


#5. Oh. Oh hi, wine. Hi, cupcake. I don’t know why this seems so erotic. I just really like wine and cupcakes.


#4. Don’t worry, I am also adorable when I hang out with adorable babies. I am perfect.


#3. My country for a girl who can jump.


#2. This is a picture of a political slogan on my butt because I was in Alaska recently helping to campaign against a mine that will decimate salmon populations because I am a “longtime salmon fisherwoman” and also a lesbian.


#1. HOLY HELL. Love will tear us apart, Brandi. OR, it will keep us together forever.

Who are your favorite ladies to follow on Instagram?