Watch Now! Mary Lambert’s video for “She Keeps Me Warm”

Mary Lambert has released her new video for “She Keeps Me Warm” and it is incredibly adorable. In it, the singer falls for a barista before attending a super lesbian party together. It’s essentially a dream scenario.

The out singer talked with Billboard about conceiving this song from the hook she wrote with Macklmore and Ryan Lewis for “Same Love,” which she performed with the duo at the VMAs yesterday.

“For me, writing the song was a very personal endeavor. It’s talking about my sexuality and my religion. To have that resonate with people — and not just on a wide scale, with the pushing of gay marriage — but on a very personal, real level, with people talking to me about their experience in church and their sexuality, that’s where it really hits home to me. You’re hearing these stories, and you know exactly what that person’s gone through.”



International viewers can watch the video via Vevo.

Mary gave us the lowdown from the VMAs yesterday, which you can read here.