Feminist Friday: Sex in Other People’s Houses

This Week in Ladybits

Every now and then, we win a little bit back. The immensely creepy Phill Kline, a former Attorney General for the state of Kansas who used his position to harass women’s health clinics and inappropriately gather and release information on their clientele, has had his law license indefinitely suspended.

In more enraging news, a woman’s abortion is being used against her in her custody trial.

And ugh. These guys. They say in Business Insider that we “have to admit” that the Catholic Church has “always been right” about birth control.

The hell we do. I can’t even get over the multifaceted stupidities of this article. Have these guys not read anything about history? Or about what life is like in cultures that still have huge birth control restrictions? The assertion that women weren’t objectified or exploited before widespread access to birth control would be hilarious if the ignorance weren’t so depressing. And their claim that the earth can totes handle nine billion people indefinitely is just irresponsible and stupid. Thanks for running a fact-free piece, Business Insider!

This Week in Aaaaarrrrgh

OK, so you know how the GOP has been implementing voter ID laws that juuuust happen to affect nonwhites the most? And how we’ve been cynically joking that they would stop women from voting if they could? Take it away, Rachel Maddow.

This video of Saudi men harassing women in a parking lot has gone viral… And, along with disgust for the men doing the harassing, has drawn some commenters who say the women brought the harassment and grabbing on themselves by going out without veils. Does that argument sound familiar?

Time to buy more Cookies of Defiance — another loonpastor checks in from 1387 with an announcement that the Girl Scouts turn you into an abortion-loving commie gay lady. I think I’ll let Tagalongs turn me gayer this year. (But hey, Girl Scouts, please knock it off with the palm oil.)

And… Unbelievable. A woman is in hiding after a “men’s rights” group released her personal information and accused her of making a false rape charge. Which is scumball enough on its own, but in this case the woman had nothing to do with the incident at all. Jaclyn Friedman in The Prospect took a deeper look at the Men’s Rights movement — and the harm they do to both men and women.

This Week in Thinky

Are ladies who do not so much like women full of internalized benevolent sexism?

And for a look at less benevolent, externalized sexism, these ads used real Google search autocompletes from around the world.

FF 1Image courtesey of Adweek

This Week in Duh

A former army chaplain says that if the Employment Non Discrimination Act is passed, LGBT people will be able to barge into anyone’s house and have sex in it. That’s just silly, and it’s not why ENDA has such broad support in the LGBT community. Well, not the only reason. After we barge in and have sex, we also want to forcibly redecorate.

This Week in Good

Out MMA fighter Liz “The Girl-rilla” Carmouche is working with the UFC, LGBTQ+, and The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada as a spokesperson for the Protect Yourself at All Times campaign to raise awareness about AIDS prevention. AIDS transmission among people under 30 has skyrocketed over the last few years, so the campaign will focus on solid information, testing, and safe sex practices.

FF 2Image courtesy of UFC. Used with permission

Carmouche and other UFC luminaries will be making public service announcements and appearances at  free educational and HIV testing events. Carmouche commented, “There’s a feeling of invincibility that comes with being young, with being fit and in the prime of your life. But I learned when I was in the US Marines just like I’ve learned as a UFC fighter, no one is invincible, and that you have to protect yourself at all times.”

Degrassi alumn Andrea Lewis will be debuting a web series called Black Actress in November. Here’s a preview.

Wendy Davis isn’t the only woman who’s running for governor in a state that has been cracking down on ladybits freedoms. Mary Burke has announced her candidacy for governor of Wisconsin and has already been endorsed by Emily’s List.

FF 3Image via Ms. Burke’s official campaign site 

This Week in Awesome

Congratulations, New Jersey newlyweds! I hope you are enjoying equality and cake.

Ducati dealer MotoCorsa did a standard hot-lady-posing-with-bike shoot, then offered up some tat with men in the same poses.

FF 4Image via Asphalt and Rubber

They had me at “warrior princess.”

O hai, did you need another reason to love Patrick Stewart? Here you go.

FF 5

Image courtesy of Destroy the Joint via Twitter

Ooh, we’re getting at least a pilot of a Murder, She Wrote reboot… starring Octavia Spencer.

"Smashed" Portraits - 2012 Sundance Film Festival

Carol Burnett won the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor because she is the best everything, ever.

The 16th Annual Mark Twain Prize For American Humor

And let’s end on some pure, silly fun. Thank you, Ashleigh Strange and Katie Baum.

Have a great weekend. Get out there and have a blast.