The Lo-Down: Episode 2.6

After taking last week off, Sarah P. and I are back with, um, sort of a disorganized and rambly Lo-Down. We know we promised an “on location” Lo-Down but, as I explain in our apologetic intro, we were too busy eating and napping to, uh, work. Therefore, we bring you this slacker edition of The Lo-Down, in which we didn’t have time to come up with any fake news, but do devote almost 40 minutes to the Crock P.O.C. We ramble on about topics such as Tyra vs. Oprah, bisexuals and lesbians’ views of them, soap on a rope, and Sidney Tamiia Poitier in Knight Rider, as well as continue to discuss Sarah P.’s irritation with public transit.

Thanks to

LilyJadeRose and

Wendy for topic suggestions, and keep ’em coming! Next week we’ll be back to our usual newsy shenanigans.

The Lo-Down: Episode 2.6

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