Charlize Theron gets real in W

Charlize Theron is hot. In fact, Esquire dubbed her the sexiest woman alive last year. And, as if being hot isn’t enough to make you successful in Hollywood, she is ridiculously talented, too.

With one Oscar win (and an additional nomination) under her belt, it is hard to dispute her abilities on the screen, but apparently, there are people out there who want to dispute her beauty. Yeah, you read that right, but don’t worry — I heard your collective Jill Bennett-esque “Whaaaaaat?!” and I am right there with you.

Allow me to explain: Theron is on the June 2008 cover of W magazine, presumably to help promote her summer flick with Will Smith, Hancock.

Things got weird was when the interviewer began to hint at the fact that she makes “risky” selections in her roles because the characters she usually portrays (Aileen Wournos in Monster, Josie Aimes in North Country, or Detective Sanders in In the Valley of Elah) look somehow vastly different from Theron herself. But she is very quick to combat his line of questioning:

“Oh, no, you better not be bringing up ‘ugly.’ Look, I get it, Monster was a transformation … [but it’s not when I play] women in middle America living normal lives. North Country was dirt. That’s what happens when you go into a mine. In the Valley of Elah — that’s when I took real offense, because that was just my real hair color and me with no makeup.”

Theron as herself and as Aileen in Monster

Theron in character for North Country

I must say, I applaud the woman. To imply that it is a career-effecting move to play a role where she actually looks like the rest of us is offensive, and it’s refreshing to see someone of such caliber (both physically and — I can only presume — intellectually) set the record straight.

In the interview, Theron goes on to say that she is constantly offered roles as a blond bombshell type, but she understands the shelf-life of careers based on such casting, and has, instead, chosen projects based on quality. (Who woulda thunk?) She also discusses the fact that she never wants to marry, how she got discovered in a bank, and her other “risky” venture into blockbuster-action movie coming up in July.

I must warn you, though: Reading the article in its entirety proves to be a daunting task. Seriously — I had to stop mid-sentence several times to scroll back up and look at the photographs of Theron again and again.