Get a new “Life” online now

Although the second season of Life doesn’t premiere on NBC until next week (Monday, Sept. 29), you can watch it on now! Mostly commercial-free, even!

I won’t spoil the new episode (“Find Your Happy Place”), but the good news is that the writing is just as good as last season. The bad news? There’s a scene in this episode that warrants a mention in a future BLWE, and not in a good way (but I’ll wait to do that until after the episode airs on TV).

If you’re not familiar with Life, here’s reason No. 1 to watch it: Sarah Shahi (The L Word‘s Carmen).

Reason No. 2? The writing is really good, and it’s a cop show that isn’t just a cop show. They do solve cases each week, but the most interesting aspect of the show is the evolving relationship between the two oddly paired partners, Dani Reese (Shahi) and Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis), and Crews’ Zen Buddhist approach to life.

Reason No. 3? Sarah Shahi. Here she is in the new Season Two promo photos:

And at Entertainment Weekly‘s pre-Emmys party yesterday:

Here’s a preview clip of the upcoming season:

Now that you’ve been sufficiently convinced, grab a fresh piece of fruit, click here, and start watching!