A lesbian talks about “Sex…with Mom and Dad”

AE reader junglequeen alerted us to a recent lesbian-themed episode of MTV’s half-hour show Sex…with Mom and Dad, in which “Loveline’s Sex and Relationship Expert Dr. Drew [helps] a teen and their parents work through their problems about sex, dating and relationships.”

Baylee is a 16-year-old lesbian (“I’ve dated seven girls and had sex with five”) who is frustrated that her parents (especially her Dad) can’t accept her sexual orientation. So naturally, she decides to talk about with them on national television!

Watch the show here in four clips:

Clip 1: Need for Acceptance

Ah, yes, telling your parents you’re bi first just to avoid freaking them out completely — a time-honored lesbian tradition.

Clip 2: Best Times

“Baylee’s parents aren’t dealing so well with her lifestyle”? “Sexual preference?” What is this, the ’90s? And does anyone else find using re-enacting sexual positions with dolls with your mom taking the whole “sharing is caring” concept a little too far?

Clip 3: Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Good on Mom for standing up to Dad at dinner. Good on Dad for the comment about wanting to know which one of her friends wants to “get up in her britches.” Very funny.

Clip 4: The Big Goal

So Dr. Drew saw the family for two seconds, gave them homework assignments, then sent them home with a a nice fruit basket and a “Congratulations, you’re accepting!” balloon? I want his job!