This is what lesbian art looks like

Who doesn’t need more art in their lives? I can see some white on my walls that would definitely look much better with a lesbian painting on it. It doesn’t even have to have naked women — it can just be painted by a lesbian and the wall would still be better off.

While Nan Goldin and Catherine Opie prints may be a little too pricey, GLAAD’s OUTAuction might have some other choice pieces that support new artists as well as the organization itself. So buying a ticket to the event, and buying a piece by a budding queer artist is really benefiting yourself and the community. Sounds like a win-win, if you’re on the right side of the economy these days.

Photo by Jazzmine Beaulieu

Past artists who have participated in the auction include Annie Leibovitz and Rosie O’Donnell, among others. Leibovitz is not an emerging artist by any means, but she lent her work and her name to the cause. I’m not too familiar with Rosie’s art, but I can imagine a superfan was glad to have whatever kind of work it was in her home.

This year’s auction will be held in New York on Nov. 23, and there are 100 pieces of “unique art” that will be up for bidding. The “cocktail chic” event will be hosted by Edward Albee, Alan Cumming and John Cameron Mitchell, but several of the artists are female, including Sandy Alpert, Miya Ando Stanoff, Jazzmine Beaulieu, Katie Cercone, Katharine Dufault, Veronica Ferre, Lisa Fromartz , Kristin Gambell, Gina Garan, Callie Danae Hirsch, Elizabeth Horowitz, Allison Drew Klein, Aimee LoSecco, Sassafras Lowrey, Alisoun Ryder Meehan, Susan Muñoz, Emilia Jarrett Page, Stephanie Elyse Patent, Betsy Podlach, Ellen Rosenberg, Heidi Russell, Kirstyn Russell, Libby Saylor, Laurie Schorr, Nicki Stager, Rosario Varela, Anastasia T. Zielinski and Dragana Zoric.

Photo by Kirstyn Russell

And there’s also a piece from Pablo Picasso. He’s not a lesbian, but I’ll let him slip by.