We’re all out for Thanksgiving

Considering my family is from a college town in Michigan, we’re a little different than most on the block. I’m the family gay, and to Thankgiving, I bring my girlfriend of four years and our two pugs. My sister and her black husband have a new baby, and these things make us a little different from the other households in my family’s subdivision (at least from what I can tell).

It’s our first Thankgiving all together (my sister’s husband and baby and one of my pugs are all new developments), so I’m hoping I can get some kind of great embarassing or at least kind of funny Turkey Day story out of it, because I don’t have one yet. This is unfortunate, as the holidays are the perfect time for these kinds of stories.

Take, for instance, the lesbian couple in What’s Cooking. Kyra Sedgwick and Juliana Margulies play girlfriends, and Sedgwick’s character’s parents put them in twin beds, refusing to accept them as a couple. How awkward! Luckily neither of them mind shoving into one twin bed together.

To make matters even funnier (not worse, most definitely funnier) is that the two have an announcement to make: they are pregnant, by Rachel’s (Sedgwick) brother’s wife’s gay brother. That’s right, homophobic parents. As one of the other family members explains to the upset mother and father, “Rachel is a lesbian — you know, like Ellen.”

Thank god for Ellen, right? How else could some of us explain what we mean by “lesbian”? Can you imagine some of our families filling out the ballot for the Visibility Awards? I think it would be Ellen all around. Maybe a Rosie or Melissa, but most definitely Ellen.

Now it’s your turn to share. Any ridiculously awful moments in your Thanksgiving history? Do you expect this one to be particularly memorable? If you can’t tell us, who can you tell?