Shape Up with Ever Mainard: Making It Through Week 1

Yeeouch! My haunches hurt. I’m walking weird. And I’ve only lost 1.3 pounds?!   (Yeah, duh I’m counting that .3) All this work for no pay off? Let’s take a look at this.

One of the biggest things I realized this week is that my diet really needs to change.  I can workout all I want, but if the only thing I’m consuming is garbage, then my numbers are not going to go down. My biggest hurdle has been beer. And pizza. (Check out this hot pizza babe! What a dream!)

As a comedian, most of my nights are at bars with friends. A shot here, a beer there. Then another beer. And another and, before I know it, I’m buzzed and hungry.  Thankfully L.A. is a bountiful land of food trucks and late-night pizza places (Dominos).  Did you know a shot of Jame-O is about 100 calories? WHAT?!  Five of those bad boys and that’s 500 empty calories. That’s not even including mixers or the beer to chase them with.  I’m not saying that I had five shots in a row one night, but I’m also not saying that I didn’t. 

On a positive note, I have become hyper aware of what I’m putting into my body and what it will take to burn it off. I have begun to ask myself “is this food for fuel or food to replace boredom?”  I used to eat a bowl of ice cream and tell myself that “I’m so bad” and giggle with a bottle of wine, but now I eat half the bowl of ice cream and drink only half the bottle of wine. Uh, sorry I’m not perfect and couldn’t cut out all refined sugars and processed food the first week, internet! (Totally not sorry.)

I now make smoothie for breakfast instead of waking up and cramming cold pizza or sugar coated cereal down my throat. I also resisted ordering french fries and buffalo wings at my favorite open mic.  It was a nasty inner struggle but, in the end, I won and rewarded my self with some extra spinach in my morning smoothie. I am a real champ.

I also learned that 500 kettlebell swings are BOOOORRRING! Man does that routine get old.  I switched it up a bit and did sets of 25-50-25 with variations of shoulder presses/ standing rows/ or reverse crunches in-between. I also challenged myself to swing until completion. That means doing as many as possible until you have reached your physical limit. I would rest for a minute and start over.  If you’ve got a friend to do this with good for you, I’ve got a wall that I talk to because I am too afraid to do this at the gym. Hooray for body confidence!



I’m sure I would have way more confidence if I had THESE kettle bells by Onnit Kettlebells. (Wink Wink! Oprah, if you’re reading this…)

As the week went on my legs and back started to hurt. I had to take a chill pill from those swings. This soreness steamed from improper technique and lack of stretching. There are some really helpful videos about form on the internet. Also, if just doing 500 swings isn’t your thing no big deal. Check out this woman made of abs and her killer K.B. workout.  

I’m so glad that first week is out of the way. I’m looking forward to next week and reviewing the class I tried at the gym. (I’m actually terrified of trying a class at my gym.)

Are you following along with me? Know any good and healthy recipes I should try? Let me know! I’d love to hear what you’ve discovered and what workouts are working for you!  Share with the gals in the comments below and follow me on MyFitnessPal and tweet at me @evermainard.



100 seated rows 5 sets of 20 @40 lbs

500 Kettle Bell Swings

20 mins on the stair master


Low-key day with a 3-mile walk

Drank a bunch of beer and refused to add them to MyFitPal 


Kettle bell work out, varying 25/50/25 swings with either 20 reverse abs/shoulder presses/ bicep curls

Incline on treadmill for 30 mins at a brisk pace.  (Incline at 10 with a 4/4.5mph walk and gradually increasing both numbers)

2-mile dog walk (IT COUNTS!)


20 min incline walk(Incline at 10 and pace of 4.0 &5.0 gradually working my way up to an incline of 15) 

10 min treadmill intervals (run as fast as you can for a minute and then jog for a minute)

5 X 20 squat jumps


Today I ate pizza and drank beer. It was my “off day.”  Look, this is a judgment free zone so don’t give me that look.


2-mile dog walk

1.5 hour hike

30 mins of incline interval training.  (Set treadmill to incline of 10,  Sprint as fast as you can for one minute and walk briskly for one minute)


I would really rather not talk about this day.