LGBT Women of the Media on What Our Community Should Focus On

I spent this weekend in Philadelphia for the sixth annual LGBT Media Convening, a yearly get-together sponsored by the Evelyn & Walter Haas Junior Fund and in conjunction with the National Lesbian and Gay Journalist Association. As a member of the host committee, I take even more interest in the happenings of the women who attend and whose work is so important to our visibility as a community. This year, I decided to pull some of the women aside as I caught them on brief breaks between panels and breakout sessions to ask one question: What’s one thing queer women should be talking more about?

Some of these topics (intersectionality, poverty, identity, leadership) were touched upon during the convening, but others that are specific to us as as female-identified writers and activists wanted more time to discuss the kinds of things that don’t necessarily pertain to our male-identified peers. So a group of women got together to talk shop, and we were joined by a few of the residents who live in the John C. Anderson LGBT senior housing of Philadelphia, adding some much-needed perspective on generational changes in women’s spaces and how we find one another to build community.

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If you want to follow any of our conversations from the weekend, you can find tidbits on Twitter, along with a list of all attendees.