Best Supporting Vlog: Kate Winslet and “Revolutionary Road”

As you’ve surely noticed, it’s the time of year when Hollywood pulls out the stops and releases their uber-important films, hoping to score come Oscar-time. Critics’ best-of lists are issuing forth daily, and you’re likely trying to figure out when the hell you can see all of these hard-hitting flicks.

Logo’s Liz Dahmen and John Polly feel your pain, and in their brand new Best Supporting Vlog, they’re going to hold forth about all the Oscar buzz, discuss which heavy-duty movies are coming out, what’s gonna win, and who’s getting shafted. Plus, they’ll present freaky Oscar party ideas, trailer reviews (in case you can’t see the whole damn movie) and loopy insight on how this all might matter to gay folks.

This week, the pair talk Kate Winslet, Revolutionary Road, the absence of a good lesbian host and those baffling Golden Globes. Plus, ice cream!

Best Supporting Vlog (Episode 1)


Look for more in the New Year as we hit the Golden Globe Awards (Jan.11th) and go spiraling full-on toward the Oscars on Feb. 22nd.