Played Out: What’s Your Sign

I’m sitting in a garden outside of a very charming coffee shop in my neighborhood sipping on a pear-adise juice (it has pear in it, did you guess that?) listening to music and enjoying the spring breeze. In my benevolence I even gave up a prime sun drenched seat for a cute couple. Needless to say it’s been a good day. In the wake of that here comes this week’s Played Out, AfterEllen’s new music playlist. 

XNY – “White Wire”

The White Stripes in their heyday, only inversed with her vocals (Pam Autuori) and his drums (Jacob Schrieber). What’s not to like? Stay tuned, this is just the first track off soon to be released EP Should I.

George FitzGerald feat. Lawrence Hart – “Crystalize” 

The weekend is right around the corner and if I get a chance to listen to electronic music that’s half as good as this, I’ll consider it a success.

Vaadat Charigim – “Hashiamum Shokea”

I don’t generally think of Tel Aviv when looking for great new shoegaze, but Vaadat Chairgim is changing the game with a sound as sunsoaked as the beaches they surely frequent. The title of the track means “the boredom sinks in” and I get it. Don’t we all?  

Empress Of – “Water Water”

With polished production and playful lyrics like, “water, water is a privilege, just like kids who go to college” position Empress Of a head above the rest. She’s just about to head up a five-night residency at Elvis’ Guesthouse in New York if you happen to be around.

Ancient Sky – “Garbage Brain”

A little psych rock number from Brooklyn’s Ancient Sky. You gotta respect a band that’s got two drummers and one of everything else.

Zolita – “Explosion”

A self-directed video that’s a smart girl-on-girl romp from 20-year-old Zolita. Who knew the intersection of bluegrass and R&B could be so sexy?

Crystal Castles – “Frail”

New Crystal Castles, no Alice Glass, lots of internet bickering. I’m interested to hear what you ladies think about the track.

Rose Windows – “Strip Mall Babylon”

Eclectic world psych rock from Seattle sextet. They actually just disbanded, but are still planning on putting out their final record in May.

Wise Bloodfeat. Priscilla Sharp – “Cretin’s Club” 

Twisted pop that winds into weirdo pop that sails into hyper pop all set against a stuttered electronic production. There’s something uniquely smiley about the whole thing that turns the right way up.

Keljet feat. Holychild – “What’s Your Sign” 

Holychild’s saccharine pop sound lays a thick coat of honey over Keljet’s slick electronic production. For those of us with a sonic sweet tooth, it’s a welcome weekend number.


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