Capital Queer Women’s Summit brings conversation and comedy to D.C. next weekend

Today marks a historical time for LGBT people in America, as the Supreme Court has begun to hear arguments for and against equal marriage. It’s only fitting that D.C. would be the home to an event next weekend that caters to the women of the community. The Washington, D.C. Metro Area’s local lesbian and queer women’s publication Tagg Magazine is hosting the Capital Queer Women’s Summit on May 7 and 8. Previously called TaggFest, this is the the second year of workshops, performances and events dedicated to LGBT women in the D.C., Maryland, Virginia and Delaware area.


“Over the past few years I have been in many conversations involving the queer women’s community, specifically about health, relationships, and femininity vs. masculinity,” said Tagg managing editor Eboné Bell. “These conversations would pop up quite often that finally I thought it would be a great idea to have these conversations with one another in a respectful and safe environment. Too many times we talk about issues, but we never do anything about them. I think the summit is a great starting point to start these various conversations, and most importantly start the action.”

This is the first year the event is in conjunction with the Human Rights Campaign. Eboné said that she thought the partnership between Tagg and HRC would hopefully help bring more women and people of color to be a part of major organizations like the HRC, which tend to skew white and male. 

“Not because they don’t want us to be there, but because there is some sort of disconnect,” Eboné said. “I approached the HRC DC Steering Committee—ran by the amazing June Crenshaw, Alexandra Ernst and Jason Laney—with an idea to bring more women to HRC. This collaboration is a great opportunity for us to not only grow this annual event, but spotlight just how important the queer women’s community is in the D.C. area.”

Some of the weekend’s happenings include a kickoff comedy night on Friday, May 7 with Dana Goldberg and Erin Foley, as well as local comics Curt Mariah and Chelsea Shorte. Dana and Erin shared a fun video about what the audience can expect when they play the Artisphere next weekend.

On Saturday at HRC Headquarters, panels will touch on topics like aging, self-defense, financial wellness, wedding planning and building health relationships as they pertain to LGBT women. The day will end with a beer tasting from DC Brau and a fashion show featuring designs from queer designer Abby Miller


“I hope the summit inspires women to continue the conversation,” Eboné said. “I’m hopeful that a few of the panels will really spark some education and much-needed dialogue. I would not be surprised if there are follow-up discussions in the future. If LGBT women are looking for a safe and respectful place to meet women, have conversations, and have some fun, this event is the perfect place.”

Tickets for the comedy show and summit are available now.