Morning Brew – Megan Rapinoe on the future for LGBT athletes

Happy Monday, hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Here’s a little Brew to start your week.

Former USWNT player Julie Foudy interviewed Megan Rapinoe in ESPN Magazine about what’s ahead for LGBT athletes.

There are actually some people (including presidential candidates) who think the movie Frozen can turn kids gay. They all need to make like Elsa and let it go.


Faking It is looking to cast trans and gender non-conforming actors for next season. Check out the video for how to audition.

The Atlantic profiles places where LGBTQ Muslims can go to pray and feel safe.

This Sunday, the New York Times featured a piece about what it’s like for the queer community in the Caribbean.

Cosmopolitan has a list of 11 Things all Queer Latinas are tired of hearing.

Out queer rapper Uncle Meg has a new video out for her song “For a Second.” It features a queer couple with a self-destructive streak.

Comedian Cameron Esposito dressed up as Alison Bechdel for Halloween and it was pretty spot on.

 Ellen Page and girlfriend Samantha Thomas were equally adorable on Halloween.



Halloween crew

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Meanwhile, Ellen DeGeneres dressed up as a lost Kardashian sister.

Queer Swedish/American band Ink Elk has just released a full length album with is available now on iTunes and Spotify. The band has spent much of the last three years traveling the world by hitchhiking and playing music. Check them out.

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We don’t have a Lesbianish TV listing this week, but it will hopefully be back next week. Have a terrific day!