John Legend puts a lesbian couple in his new video about love

R&B vocalist John Legend has restored my faith in straight male artists and their artistic choices, after a week of bad examples. His music video for new single “Everybody Knows” is a sweet ballad about giving love another chance, and features several couples in different situations — from an elderly husband and wife who are out of touch, to a publicly debating duo who don’t mind that they are stopping in the middle of the street to finish their argument. reader Joanna let us know that a lesbian couple is featured amongst the rest, about half-way through the video. They are together in the back of a cab, appearing to be happy together, resting in each other’s arms before one gives the other an affectionate kiss on the forehead.

They appear again toward the end of the video, in a montage of each couple, and then again at the very end, with all of the couples standing together. Watch the video below:


It doesn’t hurt that the song is pretty irresistible and John Legend is so right: Everybody knows that nobody really knows / How to make it work/ Or how to ease the hurt.” It’s the same — gay, straight, hot lesbian couple in a cab.