Exclusive Premiere: Emily Afton’s gloom-piano pop single “Five Years”

Out singer-songwriter Emily Afton‘s new single “Five Years” is a dreamy piano-laden track that fans of Fiona Apple and Missy Higgins will fall for. 

“The song is a progression of memories and reflections, which are pieced together over five years,” Emily told us. “I started writing it when I was about to turn 21 and finished the song two years ago when I was 25. These were extremely formative years; I was uncovering my identity as being queer, a woman, an adult and an artist. This song is about identity and how it is shaped looking forwards and backward through time.”

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 12.52.59 PM

Darkly melodic with smoky vocals, “Five Years” is beautiful, and there are even some surprise trumpets popping up mid-song.

“This is my moment anthemic of songs on my upcoming album and probably the one I am most proud of,” Emily said. “It is me in my many archetypes.”

Check it out below and follow Emily on Soundcloud, FacebookTwitter and Instagram.