Chandra Wilson butches up Broadway

While Chandra Wilson might be in limbo for the next season of Grey’s Anatomy, she’s not going anywhere out of the spotlight. Starting today, she’ll be playing Matron Mama Morton on the Broadway production of Chicago, a role made famous in the film version by Queen Latifah.

Wilson recently spoke to The Advocate about her new role and what could be coming up for Callie and Arizona on Grey’s:

On Mama Morton’s butch qualities:

When someone new takes over a role, the company doesn’t change anything from the script, but they do lay it all out there and let people take from it what they take from it. So sometimes, depending on who’s playing Mama, it might sound crazy calling Mama butch. I decided that I’ll give Mama her look, her walk, and her demeanor, and then I’ll let the words fall where they fall.

Queen Latifah in “Chicago”

On playing gay:

I had a little, itty-bitty piece of a role as an inmate at the very top of the film Strangers With Candy. She probably was supposed to be a lesbian, but I don’t think you saw her long enough to know.

On Brooke Smith leaving Grey’s and Callie’s relationship with Arizona:

Whoever made that decision about Brooke, I know they kept saying that it wasn’t about the story line; it was all about finding the right chemistry, whatever that means. You have limitless possibilities with series television, and it’s always changing, so there’s really no telling what direction we could go in with Callie and Arizona.

Chandra also gave her support for the anti-Prop. 8 movement, saying she has many gay and lesbian friends with families.

It’s such an interesting issue for me because as a Christian you’re told to believe certain things, but I can’t get past my gut and my eyes, and I can’t get past my gay friends that have more love than some heterosexual couples that I know.

Chandra Wilson is not only a talented actress on all levels, but a great LGBT ally. Here’s hoping her Mama Morton is just as gay as Queen Latifah‘s!