L.A. Scene June ’09: Pride, Protests and Parties

L.A. Scene is a monthly column that chronicles lesbian nightlife and events of interest in Los Angeles.
Sarah Witness, an East Coast transplant and obvious femme, has been navigating the snark infested waters of Hollywood since 2001. Although she’s an NYU trained actress, she prefers sipping vodka and making idle chit-chat at really gay nightclubs.

Prop 8 Protest

I ran off to Vegas for Memorial Day weekend. Apparently the economy is on the upswing as it was a total mob scene. Bachelorette parties abounded and I spotted at least fifty women sporting penis hats and/or accessories. Tres elegant. A giant button in the hotel elevator said “chapel,” apparently so you could find your way to the altar even while inebriated. My only thought was, “These people are legally allowed to marry?”

So when I returned home to hear that the California courts voted against the sin and depravity that is gay marriage, I almost fell over.

Fortunately, the organized folks at www.dayofdecision.com had planned an evening event in anticipation of this verdict. It was a rally in West Hollywood, which seemed a bit like preaching to the choir, but at least it was something…and Drew Barrymore was there.

Ok fine, there were rallies in more conservative areas but that would involve getting in the car.

In addition to Drew, a number of celebrities spoke, including Kathy Griffin and her elderly mother who held a sign that read “GAY MARRIAGE. I’LL DRINK TO THAT.” Also in attendance were George Takei, Kelly Osbourne, Emmy Rossum, Sophia Bush, and Deborah Gibson who will always be Debbie to me.

For reasons I didn’t understand because I was late, as usual, the rally was divided into several little mini rallies over the course of a few blocks. I can only assume that this was for traffic reasons, as it was on a major boulevard during the end of rush hour, but isn’t the point of these things to be somewhat disruptive?

Maybe if we started interfering with the otherwise apathetic commuters’ ability to get home to their own marriages we’d make some progress? “Hell I’ll vote to overturn your proposition if you GET OUT OF MY WAY!”

I understand we caused more traffic problems in Hollywood where apparently hundreds of cops were positioned outside of Target. Yes, Target. Perhaps they were afraid an unruly mob of gays and lesbians would storm the place in search of Michael Graves designed ice buckets and dented cans of cat food. Anyway, after the rally everyone marched several miles over to Hollywood and Highland, which is a major intersection with a giant mall that is home to the Oscars.

It’s also part of the Hollywood Walk of Fame and, therefore, littered with fanny-pack sporting tourists who were likely not expecting to see scores of pissed off gaylesbitrans chanting, “WHAT DO WE WANT? EQUAL RIGHTS! WHEN DO WE WANT THEM? NOW!”

Surely the homemade signs, “How Does MY Marriage affect YOU?” and “Adam Lambert Lost Idol and Now This???” were reminders that they weren’t in Kansas anymore.

The evening was without incident, probably because there was about a 1:1 ratio of police to protestors. Also, no opposition showed up. I guess they were feeling smug about their victory so they stayed home and did something lame. Or maybe they were at Target.