Evan Rachel Wood shares her prom memories at BuzzFeed’s Queer Prom

AfterEllen attended BuzzFeed’s Queer Prom on May 13, and we had a blast dancing the gay night away with LGBT students from all over the country. Our entertainment reporter, Lily Khuu, even danced with the mayor of West Hollywood! #lifegoals! If you missed it, you can watch the whole video right HERE.

Evan Rachel Wood was among the attendees, and following the prom BuzzFeed released a five-part video series, “Queer Prom,” documenting the event. In episode three of the series, celebrities including ERW share their awkward prom stories. Watch the video to hear some of their adorable, bittersweet memories:

From BuzzFeed:

“Queer Prom” documents the inaugural event through the eyes of eight high school seniors selected from thousands of videosubmissions to serve as the official Queer Prom Court.  Hundreds of high school seniors from across the country attended the event, alongside celebrities including Evan Rachel Wood, Adam Lambert, Daniel Franzese, Mitch Grassi, Scott Hoying, Perez Hilton, and the Mayor of West Hollywood, Lauren Meister

Eugene Lee Yang, star of the BuzzFeed original series “The Try Guys,” hosted the event and executive produced the series, which is sponsored by truth, the largest and most successful youth smoking prevention campaign.

 “At prom, where you’re traditionally expected to bring a date of the opposite sex and act according to your assigned gender, the pressure to assimilate in such a public space is yet another potential roadblock in a young queer person’s coming out journey,” said Yang.  “By creating an inclusive, diverse event and video series where the LGBT+ community is openly celebrated rather than othered, our hope is to show viewers around the world who might be struggling with their identity that it’s absolutely okay to be queer and, for even just a single night, it’s also perfectly normal.”

You can watch all five episodes of the series on BuzzFeed’s YouTube channel. And while you’re at it, subscribe to AfterEllen’s brand new YouTube channel where we have have been entertaining women since 2002!