Cynthia Nixon Might Become the Country’s First Lesbian Governor

TV star (you know her from Sex and the City) and activist Cynthia Nixon just announced she’s running for governor’s seat in New York! We found out via her Twitter feed earlier today, and are thrilled to hear it! First, here’s what the star tweeted:

Now, we are all for more females in government and positions of power and leadership, but we’re extra excited at the prospect of a lesbian governor. Nixon has come out first as bisexual and then gay in the past, but more importantly, she is married to a woman who shares her passion for the well-being of New York. In fact, the couple met at an education rally in 2002 and eventually married in 2012. Nixon’s wife, Christine Marinoni, has been a long-time LGBT activist fighting anti-gay hate crimes in New York City.

According to The Washington Post, if Nixon beats Cuomo, she will be the first female governor of New York and the first openly gay governor of any state. But because she’s a woman, of course, the misogyny doesn’t come far behind the announcement. Gay men politicians have already announced they’ll be backing Cuomo, most notably Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney,  New York’s first openly gay member of Congress. “Many of us in the community, who have been fighting for equality for decades, are recommending she reconsider,” he said in a public statement. 

This will be Nixon’s first time running for office, but the 51-year-old wife and mother of two has been involved in liberal politics for many years, speaking at fundraisers for Planned Parenthood and attending education rallies. She mentions these issues as well as infrastructure, particularly the city’s subway system, as top concerns in her campaign video. 

Cynthia Nixon (right) with her wife Christine Marinoni