The Huddle: Our favorite Latina women

Eréndira Ibarra is playing one of the hottest gay women on television today on Mexico’s Las Aparicio, and Puerto Rican hip hop star Lisa M recently came out to her fans. We thought it was time to celebrate some of our favorite Latina performers

Ready, break!

Lindsey Byrnes: Charo, Charo, Charo! I have to say it three times for emphasis!

Charo is hot and with a given name of María Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Moquiere de les Esperades Santa Ana Romanguera y de la Najosa Rasten, I mean do you get more Latina than that? Charo guest-starred on every one of my favorite TV shows, I watched when I was a little kid: Fantasy Island, The Love Boat — you get the point.

She always looks the same, she never gets older and never changes her hair. I love that kind of stability!

Heather Hogan: How America Ferrera sat through four years of Ugly Betty interviews without glassing every reporter she spoke to is beyond me. “Why, you’re not really ugly at all!” they would marvel, and she would smile her million-watt smile and say, with uncommon grace and charm, that women are all beautiful in their own way, and that the plastic Hollywood standard is unfair and kind of disgusting.

America is an outspoken social justice advocate, a supporter of marriage equality, and in 2008, she and her Traveling Pants co-star Amber Tablyn threw all their weight behind Hillary Clinton in the presidential primary, producing a series of vlogs from her campaign trail. (Also, I’m pretty sure America’s Traveling Pants character, Carmen Lowell, is completely gay. I wrote it in the margin of Forever in Blue: “Total lezzer.” )

Mia Jones: I gotta go with my girl Frida Kahlo. She was such a strong, beautiful, smart and passionate woman. Much like Kristen Stewart‘s ability to look hot with a mullet, Frida rocked the uni-brow like nobody’s business.

TheLinster: I’m going with Penelope Cruz, because something about her makes me keep hoping that she is at least bisexual.

Drummerdeeds: PepSi aka Pepa (Laura Sanchez) and Silvia (Marián Aguilera) from Los Hombres de Paco for the win. I don’t really need to explain why, but if you are confused, just Google “Pepa y Silvia” and be prepared to be paralyzed.

I’m also currently obsessed with Liz Gallardo of Las Aparicio because she is just so damn sexy and I love the way her story with Mariana is slowly unfolding.

Also, Celia Freijeiro, the resident player Nines on Chica Busca Chica is amazing and even has her own production company at only age 23.

I fail, I can’t pick just one!

Trish Bendix: I love all three women of Girl in a Coma. Sisters Phanie and Nina Diaz and bassist Jenn Alba are extremely talented musicians, completely adorable and two out of three are gay. Plus, they are BFF with Joan Jett and love Morrissey. I want to hang out with them in Texan dive bars.

Karman Kregloe: Sofía Vergara. I always say I tune in to Modern Family for the writing, but it’s really just to watch Sofia V work her magic. (Bonus factoid: She played Mama Morton in the revival of Chicago on Broadway. All of that and she sings too?)

Dara Nai: Adriana Lima. She’s smoking like a house on fire. She’s a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She’s from Brazil, the country that gave us the Bossa Nova and the wax job. My girlfriend argued, “She’s not an actress, she’s just a model who gets on shows.” Hey, do I tell you how to do your job?

Who is your favorite Latina celebrity? Dara’s girlfriend, you are invited to share as well.