“Women Then: Photographs 1954-1969” – Does it inspire women now?

You know how sometimes you’ll be minding your own business and a woman sits down in front of you? Maybe she’s wearing a tank; maybe she has her hair up. But you catch yourself staring at the curve of her neck or the soft, smooth contour of her shoulders — and you want nothing more than to lean over and gently kiss that silken skin … right … there.


One show that knows how to highlight the beauty of women (sexism aside) is Mad Men.

Maybe it was the era, when smoking was glamorous and a lady always wore a hat in public. A new photography book, Women Then: Photographs 1954 – 1969, takes us back to that time with vintage photos illustrating the undeniable allure of mid-century women.

The book, designed by Ruth Ansel, features photographs by fashion photog Jerry Schatzberg of iconic ’50s and ’60s women as well as portraits of celebrities like Faye Dunaway and Catherine Deneuve.

Here are some of my favorites.

Women Then will be released tomorrow.

Are you a fan of ’50s and ’60s glamour? What is your idea of classic beauty?