Emy Storey sells us on Revel & Riot

While Emy Storey was working as the designer of Tegan and Sara‘s merchandise and album artwork, she also worked with several LGBT organizations on projects, telling us in 2008:

I think it’s been great for me, because personally I love to be able to help out my friends, and I think they’re all amazing artists. I’ve been really fortunate to work with so many amazing queer artists and to collaborate with them. I love working with gay people!

And now, after years of success selling designs on her own website, Emy has joined writer Sarah Fobes in creating Revel & Riot, a company dedicated to putting fun, political, gay-positive messages on T-shirts, tote bags and posters.

The idea behind R&R came from “a product of combined skills, a
passion for LGBTQ advocacy, and a shared distaste for tacky gay merchandise.” Both Emy and Sarah feel the community is consistently growing and expanding in the issues we face, and we “need art and ideas that reflect the fluidity and evolution of [our] struggles and [our] style.”

Their site launched this week, with a pre-order special happening now through Nov. 15. And with so many options and reasonable prices ($10 for a poster, $30 for a col quality T), you’ll want to get them while they’re hot.

But besides the selling of merchandise, Emy and Sarah are also using their site to host blogs on both sides of the gay news token: Revel (good LGBT things happening in the community and world at large) and Riot (issues we have to fight for and against). There is also an extensive list of information and advice, including links to LGBTQ organizations and articles like “How to be an Ally to LGBT People.”

So if you’re looking for an independent, lesbian-owned company to support, or just need a fabulous V-neck T-shirt to wear during Pride, check out Revel & Riot — and tell all your friends.