Rihanna says Cheryl Cole is her female crush, gets in line

Rihanna is one woman who isn’t shy about sharing her feelings. Last December, the pop star mentioned she’d be interested in a relationship with a woman if she met the right one. A few days later, she mentioned she had a crush on Megan Fox. Then there was the lesbianish video for “Te Amo.”

Now she’s talking about her new “female crush,” Cheryl Cole.

If you don’t know who Cheryl is, you most likely don’t live in the UK, where she is, as Rihanna says, the it girl. The former member of girl group Girls Aloud is now a solo performer who also sits as a judge on X Factor. Constantly in the public eye, she’s a fashionista, a tabloid fixture and the popular girl crush of celebrity women.

Rihanna isn’t the only one who has eyes for Cheryl. While the Black Eyed Peas toured with Cheryl, rumors swirled that Fergie had a thing for the Brit songstress. Queen of fauxmosexuality Katy Perry also said she would be trying to date Cheryl if she weren’t with Russell Brand.

So whatever the ladies want, Cheryl seems to have it.