The women of this year’s Out 100

Out magazine’s 16th annual Out 100 is out today, documenting the year’s “most compelling people.” This occasion is exciting but also a bit overshadowed by inevitable disappointment. In 2008, the only woman on the cover was Katy Perry. The straight, “I Kissed a Girl” singer was one of only 24 women represented in the list as a whole. OK, we won’t get into that whole argument again.

Last year, was a bit better — at least from the outside. Newly out Wanda Sykes graced the cover, giving us some lesbian representation we could be proud of. And there were 30 women over all. A slight improvement, but I’ll take what I can get from always dude-heavy publication. (It’s sad, isn’t it?)

With last year’s improvements in mind, I was sure the 2010 Out 100 would blow my mind. But seeing the cover was a bittersweet moment. First, there’s Rachel Maddow. Who doesn’t love her? It’s super exciting to see her front and off-center.


And what’s that? Another woman? Yep. Julianne Moore is also there (along with Ricky Martin, Nate Berkus and Johnny Weir).

Now, I love Julianne Moore as an actress and think The Kids Are All Right, despite the whole “sleeping-with-a-man” storyline, did a lot for gay visibility and normalizing lesbian motherhood this past summer; but, the film’s director, Lisa Cholodenko is also included in the Out 100 and is an actual out lesbian. She’s the woman who also gave us High Art, for pete’s sake! That deserves a spot on the cover, if you ask me.

I realize that a well-known actress probably helps sell more magazines, so I tried to see past the magazine editors’ choice here. Besides, I was sure there would be loads more women included and I could feel better. If last year, we gained six, maybe this year we could get five or seven more.


There are 22 women included in this year’s Out 100. You’d think the writers and editors never read our complaints. Don’t they know we have some every year?