Why Ruby Rose posed for a men’s magazine

This month, Ruby Rose is on the cover of FHM Australia, which means she also gave an exclusive interview with the men’s magazine, and posed for an erotically-charged photoshoot. Some people might find this a little bit of a shocker, considering FHM is, again, a men’s magazine, and Ruby is an out lesbian.

And what happens to queer women when covered by publications geared toward straight male readers? This:

That’s right — our being lesbians, bisexual or interested in other women becomes fodder for the male fantasy.

Ruby is not the first out woman to pose for such a magazine. Here are few other such females who have graced covers of FHM or similar publications such as Maxim or even Playboy.

Here’s why Ruby said she chose to accept the invitation to pose for the mag:

I’ve said no to every men’s mag to do any shoot because it didn’t feel right at the time and I didn’t really want to do it. But then I shot with photographer Carlotta [Moye] and both times the pics have been extraordinary and I thought it would be fun.

Ruby is a model, and has been one just as long as she’s been out of the closet. Now that she’s a well known TV personality, Ruby has maintained a successful career while being openly gay, which makes her a prime example of how being a lesbian does not have to hinder your aspirations in life, even if it’s in the public eye.

But because Ruby is on the cover for being herself, i.e. a lesbian, it becomes worrisome that she’s submitting to the male gaze, and providing straight male readers, perhaps, unwarranted access — especially with lesbianish photos in the spread. (Ruby posed with straight, married woman, Franziska Gurrow.)

In her interview with FHM, Ruby discusses her last break up, her plans to have children, and her attempt to be friends with ex, model Catherine McNeil. In fact, it reads much like any other magazine interview with Rose might — she even makes being a lesbian sound completely normal. Imagine that!

Ruby also told reporters she picked up copies of FHM when she was younger, so she’s proof that it’s not only men who appreciate the mag.

I find Ruby’s shoot tasteful and not at all offensive, especially when accompanied by an interview that shows how secure she is in her lesbianism. Ruby isn’t pandering to males — she’s treating the photoshoot and interview like any other. The problem is that FHM can position their photos of her in any manner they like, much like the Maxim.com banner of Amber Heard at the top of this page. I wouldn’t be surprised to see photos of Ruby with the other model positioned in some sort of offensive way in the future — it tends to be the nature of these misogynistic publications.

Compared to other shoots I’ve seen from these magazines, I think Ruby’s is probably the least “exciting” that readers will happen upon. Especially compared to these incestuous-type photos of The Veronicas. These I find creepy.

Ruby Rose has always had a handle on the rumors, gossip and other issues that surround being a public person, and she’s also a grown woman with the ability to make difficult choices. The FHM cover isn’t any different. So enjoy the photos, but buy the magazine for the article.