Amber Rose gets her own radio show, says her sex life has nothing to do with her celebrity

Amber Rose is a model and style icon, but she became the most famous when she was on the arm of ex-boyfriend Kanye West. Immediately, gay women recognized her from the documentary The Aggressives, a film that followed the lives of a group of African-American lesbians, including Amber’s ex-girlfriend.

Gossip rags have made mention of Amber’s bisexuality and the fact that she used to be a stripper, but she hasn’t spoken much about her relationships with women or sexuality since having been (and broken up) with Kanye. In an interview with Jamie Foxx, she was promoting her new vintage frame store and VH1 reality show, Behind Her Shades, but was prodded by one of the men to comment on why she was famous, and why it had to do with the fact that she’d slept with Kanye and that she’s bisexual.

“My sexual preference has nothing to do with my celebrity,” Amber said. And she followed up with the statement that her reality show will highlight all parts of her personality. “My life is a book. I’m going to show everything.”

In 2009, ran an interview with Amber which was all about sex. They asked her questions about her interest in women, and if it was strictly sexual.

I’m not into threesomes. I had two three year relationships with women. So, I was with women for six years before I met Kanye. If I’m with a woman, I’m with a woman. If I’m with a man, I’m with a man.

Because Amber had been with two women before meeting Kanye, the gay rumors surrounding him intensified a bit, citing Amber as his beard in exchange for him helping her to become more famous. Of course, her close friendship with Nicki Minaj fueled gossip, but Amber maintains in interviews and on her personal Twitter account that she is currently in a relationship with rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Besides Behind Her Shades, which doesn’t begin filming until May, Amber will be hosting her own radio show on Jamie Foxx’s Foxxhole Radio on Sirius, called Amber N the Roses four days a week. Will you be keeping up with Amber Rose?