Feminist Friday: There’s Always Room To Improve Your Cliteracy

This Week in Ladybits

An Iowa board has banned abortion prescription and care via telemedicine. The board cited women’s health and safety as a concern, even though first trimester abortions are extremely safe procedures. Video conferencing for health care is most helpful to women in rural areas and women who are too poor to afford a full doctor’s office visit, so you’ll never guess whose rights are getting stomped again.

This Week in Thinky

Behold Sophia Wallace and the Cliteracy project.

The Huffington Post ran a longish piece on Wallace and her project and the body’s most fun organ.

Jessica Valenti pointed out that acting older isn’t being older when she talked about how our justice system is failing young assault victims in The Nation.

Speaking of girls, while I am not usually a fan of Psychology Today, this article on how we praise bright girls and how it affects them is worth a look.

Whack! Magazine published this interview of a good-sport male author who endured the questions that female authors typically get.

And Kate Beaton shared a heartwarming tale of empowerment.


This Week in Holy Crap

A woman calling herself “Diana the Hunter” has taken credit for two murders, claiming that they are revenge killings for a series of sexual assaults on the hundreds of low-paid female factory workers in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

This Week in Good

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld California’s ban on gay youth conversion therapy, ruling that a harmful (fake) medical practice is not the same thing as free speech. This could get interesting if it heads to the Supreme Court—Justice Scalia has a son who is active in promoting gay “conversion” therapy—still not a real thing!—and in “reorienting” gays and lesbians to chastity.

Aspiring carpetbagger Senator Liz “I Went On News Shows for Months on End Arguing In Favor of Torture” Cheney has announced that she is “not pro-gay marriage.” Why is this in the “Good” section? Because Liz’s younger, lesbian, married sister Mary Cheney is not having it.

Oh, man. Where was this non-froufrou girls’ clothing line when I was a kid? (Thanks to Bisera for the tip!)

This Week in Bad

Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen wrote an appalling piece suggesting that the Steubenville rape wasn’t really a rape. Cohen seems to be of the view that penetration with anything other than a penis doesn’t really count — Isn’t it funny how most of the people who hold that view are snugly wrapped in the knowledge that they won’t ever be penetrated with anything? — and that it’s all the fault of Miley Cyrus. This isn’t Cohen’s first foray into the world of creep. At what point does he get a special editor for when he tries to write about ladies and sex?

Ugh. The Deborah Brown Community School in Tulsa, OK sent Tiana Parker home because her dreadlocks were “unacceptable.” The school also deems afros unacceptable.

A Texas mom, Kim Hall, let all those naughty bad girls on Facebook know not to pose in clothes she doesn’t like or in bedrooms or without bras. Because then her teenage boys think about sex! Which they would never do otherwise! Totes the girls’ fault! And how creepy is it that she sits around looking at pictures of girls with her teenage sons and speculates on what they find arousing? And then blaming the girls they’re staring at? As an antidote, Nate Pyle imagined a much saner way of talking to his son about looking at women.

This Week in Awesome

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg conducted a same-sex wedding over the weekend, because she is made of wonderful.

Certified bad-ass Diana Nyad became the first person—not the first woman, the first person—to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage. When interviewed, local sharks cited “too much bad-assery to even try it.”

espnw_e_nyadPhoto By Dawn L. Blomgren.  Image courtesy of ESPNW

The New York Times featured Dr. Eugenie Scott, who’s leading the charge against teaching creationism in schools. (I can’t believe we’re still fighting about this. You can put some E. coli and a drop of penicillin in a petri dish and watch evolution happen over the next couple of days. How is there still an argument? And, really, believe whatever fills your heart, but if you’re going to try to teach it in a public school, you’d  better also be lining up class sessions on Brahma the creator, Ymir the Frost Giant and his cow, and the Aztec legend of the five suns. Am I ranting? I can’t help it. This drives me up the walls. Let’s get out of these parentheses and onto a cheerier topic.)

Here’s a cheerier topic! LEGO has released its first female scientist figurine! According to her site bio, Professor Bodin made it possible for the other minifigurines to put on fish fins or a snake tail or whatever they want. Freaky. I like it.

FF courtesy of lego.com

Who’s in the new Guinness Book of World Records? Betty Freakin’ White, that’s who.

Check out Azie Mira Dungey’s “Ask a Slave” web series, based on real questions she was asked while working in character as a slave at Mount Vernon.

Speed skater Anastasia Becsis hopes to compete in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. If she does, she’ll be doing it out and proud.


Oh, hell, yeah. The hilarious Sarah Haskins has a pilot out, and you can watch the whole thing online. Enjoy Trophy Wife.

And when you’re done watching the Ylvis “Fox” song over and over and over, take a break to enjoy this (NSFW) “Blurred Lines” parody. (Via our own Dorothy Snarker)

Have a great weekend. Get out there and make your own fun.

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