Gay Girl’s Goggles: “2 Broke Girls” SnapCap (1.20) — “And the Drug Money”

True story: I had a roommate in college who sold her plasma every few weeks to make money. Really, not kidding – not even a little. So this week’s plot about Max and Caroline signing up for medical drug trials to raise some fast cash – really not that unrealistic – OK, maybe a little. I think those trials take longer than one day. But still, of all the mad-capped things our broke ladies have done to earn a little scratch, this isn’t the most mad-capped. Though it is the one most likely to induce relentless urination. But, hey, if a friend can’t help another friend by getting her into a drug trial to help pay for the expensive lawyer to be her counsel at a deposition, then I don’t understand the true meaning of friendship.


Dear 2 Broke Girls writers: You are mean. You are really mean. You can’t tell us Max has a shirt that says “Federal Bikini Inspector” and then not show Max wearing said shirt and performing said duties. I don’t care if there simply is no such branch on the U.S. government. You just can’t tease us like that. Yours, The Lesbians.

p.s. Send our thanks to Kat Dennings for leaning forward though. We sure appreciate the view.


My predominate emotional query this week is whether having a dog as your “registered emotional companion” is a real thing. Because if it is a real thing, I totally want one. But I want a Corgi. And I’ll make him wear a bowtie – because bowties are cool. And then I’ll take him to restaurants and stare lovingly into his eyes. No, just kidding. I already have a cat as my registered emotional companion and she gets way jealous.


Well, well, well. Seems our broke girls are back to being brokeback for each other. Not only does Max offer to give up her $500 from the drug trail to her LLBFF, she comes out in the episode as Caroline’s registered emotional companion. And there’s also the thing where Caroline crawls into Max’s bed in the middle of the night and they hold hands.


While I haven’t enjoyed all the jokes at Han’s expensive, particularly the cheap stereotypical Asian ones, I will admit to letting out a chuckle at Max’s comment that all his sweaters come from Build-a-Bear. And I also let out a chuckle at Max’s description of the side effects of one of her previous drug trials: “I used to be an A-cup.” But the biggest chuckle came when the nurse was listing off the possible side effects of their new drug trial and Max called it “the dreaded grande dame of side effects,” AL or “anal leakage.” Hey, I didn’t say I always laugh at super mature jokes. I also laughed at Caroline and her swollen tongue in the deposition. But, really, as a gay lady it’s almost mandatory to enjoy a little swollen tongue action. Ahem. Oh, and yes, we’re all just pretending Caroline’s enormous bow thing/neck tumor isn’t happening. Maybe it’ll go away on its own.

Right, so what did you think? Would you do a drug trial for your best friend? And would you break out the awesome litigating skills you learned on Law & Order to help her get through a deposition? Don’t even answer that last one, I know you’re all putting on your ADA Alex Cabot glasses while we speak.