“Lost Girl” SnapCap (1.13): Mama said there’d be days like this

Hey, that homicidal rhymes-with-witch who nearly sucked and a word-that-rhymes-with-sucked your wolffriend to death? Yeah. She’s your mom. Surprise! Guess someone isn’t getting a “Mother of the Year” this Mother’s Day. So rogue succubus Saskia is really rogue succubus Aife who is really Bo’s mother who is really mad at the Fae as a whole and Trick in particular. Got it? Good. So now Aife/Saskia/Bo’s Mama wants to rekindle the war between the Light and Dark Fae and then rule with her daughter over the ashes that remain. I’ve heard of mother-daughter bonding, but this is ridiculous.


I don’t know about you, but I sure like it when Bo straps one on. Hey, not like that. Well, sort of like that. I mean a sword. And a machete. And various other sharp, pointy implements. I believe one could call it girding for battle. But whatever it’s called, I like it – a lot.

You know what else I like a lot? Lauren jumping into action. In fact, all our gals got to show their mettle in the season finale. One with her might, the other with her mighty heroic life-saving efforts. That and I just enjoy seeing Zoie Palmer jump onto a gurney and straddle someone – a lot.


One of the best things about this finale aside from The Kiss (more on that below, fear not little ones), is that Bo finally told off the men in her life who kept “protecting” her. Dyson admits he knew who her mother was before they even met, Trick admits he not only knew who she was but had a hand in turning her the way she is. But neither respected Bo enough to tell her the truth from the start. Which is pretty word-that-rhymes-with-bitty. Then she makes Dyson promise to let her fight her own battles. But instead of listening he goes off and – albeit accidentally – makes an ill-advised trade with The Norn. He gives Bo his strength in battle in exchange for his love for her.

To quote Bo:

“You two still haven’t learned anything from this, have you? You think you get to decide what I do next?”

WARNING: Spoilers for Season 2 follow. If you don’t want to be spoiled, skip to “Sexy Succubus Shenanigans.”

Right, so upon re-watching the Season 1 finale, I have to say I’m even more annoyed by Trick’s actions. Because Bo asks him point blank: “Are you telling me everything?” And Trick’s reply is, simply, “Yes.” But now, after watching Season 2, we know that’s a big whopper. Because not only is he not telling her everything, he’s holding out on the fact that Aife is his daughter and Bo is his granddaughter. Which is kind of a big deal, don’t you think? So that’s why he keeps giving Bo and Kenzi free booze – guilt.


Yes, yes, yes. Bo hooks up with Dyson again. But it’s just to build her strength, OK? It’s just to recharge her batteries, you hear. It’s not because she’s all swoony about him despite his big betrayal, we clear. What is much more interesting than her succubooty call with wolf boy is her interactions with Dr. Hotpants. Things have been, shall we say, chilly between those two since they hooked up at the Ash’s behest. But now Lauren sees her opening. She agrees to help Bo get information on one condition: “That afterwards you and I have that talk and you let me explain myself.” She’s missed Bo. We’ve missed her with Bo, too. And then later, when she does help her by showing her how to get an amulet that will help block her chi and keep her safe from Aife, Bo keeps her promise and says, “Thank you, I know the risk you are taking. And if I get through this I owe you that last talk.” And then Lauren grabs her and kisses her and Lauren melts and Bo melts and we all melt. And she tells her warrior to “please just come back safe.” Now that’s swoony.


On the one hand, we hate Aife. Because she’s kind of bat guano crazy. She blew up all the Light Fae high council. She drugged Bo with a fresh-baked cookie. And she is kind of a megalomaniac bent on ruling the world. But on the other hand, we kind of admire Aife. Because she lived through untold torture. She is right to say it’s kinda sexist to call a women with ambition crazy. And she has good reason to be mad at Trick because he did betray her by turning he over to the Dark Fae instead of offering her sanctuary. So, I’m actually glad she didn’t die – or perhaps didn’t die. Because she may be crazy, but she’s fun. Come on back anytime you want, mama.

I’ve always said one of the things that makes Bo a great hero is her relationship with Kenzi. It’s more than just a sidekick, it’s a sisterly other half that makes them stronger as a whole. And in the finale not only did they come to each other’s rescue again, they had the moment Kenzi/Bo shippers have been waiting for. Yes, the long-awaited Bo/Kenzi succukiss happened. We all knew it had to happen. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not really a Kenzi-Bo shipper (Benzi? Ko?). But I do like it whenever Bo gets her lip locking on with another lady. And her “test run” of the chi-blocking amulet was not terrible to watch. Even though she was “succubusted” by its Bo-blocker powers. Now that is what I call a beautiful friendship.


So, how do succubi fight each other?

“Slow motion pillow fights? Crotch lasers?”


A very special mother-daughter Boobs O’Clock to finish off the season. Though, I gotta say, Bo must have inherited hers from dad’s side of the family.

So, there you have it, the first season of Lost Girl filled with swamp freaks and headless guys and people eaters. Sure, the pay sucks and it’s dangerous as hell – but it’s never boring and there’s Boobs O’Clock. So you know you love it.