“House” finale set to bring back Olivia Wilde and other female favorites

The end is near. So bring on the hot former castmates. The House series finale is fast approaching and a slew of past stars are returning to show their respects at Princeton Plainsboro as the show ends its eight season run.

According to TVline.com, a growing list of stars are lined up top appear in the finale airing May 21 are Olivia Wilde, Jennifer Morrison, Amber Tamblyn and Kal Penn. That last one will be particularly tricky considering his character Kutner killed himself in the fifth season.

The long list of female returnees however should be a welcome sight for House fans. When last we saw Wilde’s bisexual doctor Thirteen early this season, she was walking off into the sunset to go enjoy Greece with her girlfriend before her Huntington’s disease gets too bad. Millions of gay women across the globe are still jealous of that girlfriend.

Morrison’s Cameron ostensibly left in the show’s fifth season when she fell out with her blond hubby Chase. But she returned briefly in the sixth season to get the divorce papers signed and have one last shag. Since then she’s been making shipper hearts race while having serious hate eye sex with Lana Parrilla on Once Upon a Time.

I’m not entirely sure how Tamblyn’s character Martha M. Masters left the series after the seventh season because, like many a lesbian, I stopped watching House after Wilde left.

Wilde will actually be back for two episodes – the May 14 penultimate episode and the May 21 finale. The finale is titled “Everybody Dies,” a play off the show’s pilot episode which was titled “Everybody Lies.” No word yet on who the “Everyone” refers to, but if it’s Thirteen expect forever to be known as “The Show That Killed Olivia Wilde: You Bastards.”

Notably not returning for the finale will be Lisa Edelstein. So sorry, Cuddy fans, there will be no Huddy closure.

So, thoughts on the House’s swan song? Hopes for the characters? And, really, who kept watching after Thirteen left? Show of hands.