“Grey’s Anatomy” SnapCap (8.21): “Moment of Truth”

Get your No. 2 pencils out because it’s time to take the boards! Actually it’s an oral exam, so you can put your pencils away. The fifth-year residents of Seattle Grace Hospital have worked their butts off operating and studying so they are ready. Or are they?

Meredith has a stomach flu, which she caught from Zola, Cristina is still mooning over Owen, Alex finally finds his soul and April is ready to get her freak on. (Come on Shonda, can’t these kids just take the test without all this dramarama?)

Bailey didn’t think this day would even come. As the residents board the bus to head to the airport (they have to fly to San Francisco to take the boards) Bailey tells Arizona, “They started off with so little promise. I feel like I’m witnessing a miracle.” Oh, snap!

AfterEllen Bait

Cristina and Meredith take care of each other throughout this episode, like good soulmates should.

Feelings, Feelings, Feelings!

As April loads into the bus to go to the airport she cries to Owen about the pressure she’s under to pass the boards. April’s parents and entire church are praying that she passes. (God’s probably busy tending to the homeless.) Owen makes April suck it up and say, “I’m a soldier!” Actually, Owen, she’s a doctor.

Everyone is ready to head to the airport, except for Meredith who is dealing with sick little Zola and Alex who is all of a sudden concerned (again) for Morgan’s baby Tommy. Tommy’s health is failing fast and Alex is putting pressure on himself to save him. Arizona throws Alex’s suitcase at him and forces him to get on the bus.

The gang has finally arrived in San Francisco. Meredith is vomiting, Alex decides he should fly right back to Seattle to assist Arizona with Tommy’s operation and Avery is dealing with his mother Catherine Avery played by the one and only Debbie Allen. Catherine is one of the examiners and so is Richard who is filling in last minute for another doctor. (To find out more about Catherine and Richard visit the “whore & gore” section below.) Catherine offers to give Avery his lucky pencil (which he has used to take every important test of his life) but he insists he doesn’t need it.

Cristina is taking care of Meredith medically by bringing her an IV while Meredith takes care of Cristina emotionally by giving Cristina marriage advice through a hotel door. Cristina doesn’t want to get sick so the soulmates are in different yet adjoining hotel rooms talking through a closed door. Luckily the door is high enough up that Cristina can put her hand underneath so Meredith can hold it. (Come on ladies, seriously, this is SO GAY!)

Cristina: Say it!
Meredith: You got married awfully fast.
Cristina: Be on my side.
Meredith: I am on your side.
Cristina: This isn’t you and Derek. He didn’t fall in love with her. He screwed someone, one time, when he was drunk. Does that mean my marriage is over? If I screwed someone, once, while I was drunk and I could, I know me. If I did it, I wouldn’t want Owen to leave me for that. Everything isn’t so perfectly right or perfectly wrong. Oh, I want to leave him.

I bet Cristina will get back together with Owen.

Back at Seattle Grace, Mark tells Lexie that he “needs her” but he really just needs an extra pair of hands since Avery is off taking the boards. Lexie tries again to muster up the courage to tell Mark that she’s still in love with him and once again she chickens out and goes home and cries on Derek’s shoulder.

Bailey calls out the elephant in the room and tells Teddy that Henry’s death wasn’t Owen’s fault. 

Bailey says to Teddy, “He (Owen) is not fighting you. He disagreed with you on a course of treatment. That is something doctors do. But you don’t see him as a doctor. You only see him as the man you blame for the death of your husband. And you know, and I know that was not his fault. He’s not fighting you, but you keep fighting him. He lost you, he lost his friend, and now he’s probably losing his wife. His whole world is falling apart, so I hope blaming him is helping you because it sure isn’t helping him.”

Although Teddy and Owen don’t have a full-fledged reunion, Teddy does reach out to Owen and updates him that she’s heard from Cristina and she’s heading in to take her boards.

Whores & Gore

Catherine and Richard dine together, flirt with one another and finally have an affair. I guess the audience shouldn’t be bothered by this since Adele has Alzheimer’s and is having an affair of her own. Do you approve of Catherine and Richard’s sexual union? And are you as grossed out as I am by the term “sexual union”?

Meanwhile April, who just got into a bar room brawl, throws herself at Avery. Avery isn’t resistant to April’s advances but he is hesitant since April is a virgin. April is all gung-ho so, adios virginity! Later that evening as Avery and April lay naked in bed together April gives Avery the cold shoulder. Picking up on April’s bad vibes Avery kisses her goodbye and heads out the door to his mother’s room which of course Richard opens. A confused Avery tries to figure out if he knocked on the wrong door but his mother emerges with his lucky pencil and confirms her affair with the former-Chief. (This wouldn’t have happened if Avery took the pencil when Catherine originally offered it to him!)

The day that we have all waited for has finally arrived! It’s boards day! The residents wait in a hotel hallway for their names to be called to begin their oral exam. Avery sits next to April and calls her out for not making eye contact with him.

April responds, “It’s not you Jackson. It’s Jesus. I was a virgin because I love Jesus and now Jesus hates me.” Umm, I totally wasn’t expecting her to say that, were you?

Avery’s name gets called and as he gets up he drops his lucky pencil and the examiner steps on it and breaks it. I guess it wasn’t that lucky after all.

Medical Mishaps

Alex arrives at Seattle Grace just when Arizona is closing Tommy up. There is nothing left that can be done for him. Arizona and Alex have to deliver the tragic news to Morgan. Alex stays with Morgan until Tommy passes away. He then tells Arizona that he’s going to stay and help Morgan since he’ll never make it back to San Francisco in time to take his test anyway. Arizona tells Alex that he can still make it, “I have never once seen you give up on a patient, Karev. Don’t give up on this.” Alex races out of the hospital and will hopefully arrive before the test begins.

Back in San Francisco Cristina and Meredith sit together in the hallway waiting for their names to be called.


Cristina reminds Meredith that she needs to use mind over matter and she’s not allowed to vomit during the test. Cristina heads in first, then Meredith’s name is called and finally an examiner walks out into the empty hallway and calls Alex’s name but Alex is no where in sight. The examiner goes back inside the room and closes the door.

What did you think of this episode? Will Alex finagle himself into the closed hotel room to take the boards? Will Cristina leave Owen for good? Will Lexie ever tell Mark she still loves him? Does Jesus hate April? (He’s probably too busy helping his dad with the homeless.)