Gay Girl’s Goggles: “2 Broke Girls” SnapCap (1.22) — “And the Big Buttercream Breakthrough”

Our Broke Girls are broke, per usual. But also working hard to become less broke, which requires a leap of faith. Both literally and figuratively. First Max and Caroline give out free samples at the Williamsburg Crafts Fair. But it’s not free food, it’s marketing. So one person eats them and spreads them around to their friends – like herpes. But that doesn’t go so well because they get sassed by a pair of Dutch(ish) girls hawking funnel cakes. So instead they cater the birthday party for a rich Manhattanite’s kid, only to have a devil of a time with some buttercream. But in the end, Max decides to drop her babysitting job in Manhattan and focus on her cupcakes with Caroline. If we must learn hard life lessons, let us learn them always through baked goods.


There’s a lot of discussion about just how good the sec between Sophie and Oleg actually is. And some post-coital evidence of such as well. So. Perhaps not the baitiest episode ever for us gay ladies. To quote Han’s face about all their sexual shenanigans.

Though, I will say I find the Sophie-Oleg thing unexpectedly sweet when the thought of them actually doing it isn’t kinda grossing me out.


Now, 2 Broke Girls has never (ever ever ever) been known for is PC humor. But the gals made a joke this week at us gay ladies’ expense that borders on deep brow furrowing indignation. Jokes about hipster Han looking like lesbians Max might have made out with in the past? Funny, because it’s a little true.

But the joke Max makes when burning the bitchy funnel cake seller wearing (inexplicably) a little Dutch girl hat? Hmmm.

Max: “Hey, Dutch girl, why don’t you go stick your finger in a dyke. I’m sure you can find one over near the plus-size denim.”

I know this show likes to pluck the low-hanging fruit, but fat lesbians in denim jokes? Really?


Nothing too “I can’t quit you” this week from our pair. But there was a definite, prolonged, full-body hug when Caroline makes the leap across the subway rails into Max’s open arms. Hug it out, ladies.


All complaining aside, with only two episodes left this season I have a feeling I’m going to miss the repartee between our girls like I miss summers in Minsk. Or smoking in hospitals.

The best of the rest from our girls this week:

Caroline: Sometimes you have to do things that make you uncomfortable, it’s the way you grow.

Max: No, it’s the way you get a ride home from a kegger in the woods.

Caroline: Max, I’m sorry, but we can’t turn into those people who work and work just to pay their bills and and don’t have any time to pursue their dreams.

Max: You mean Americans.

So, how about them broke girls this week. And, remember, scaring people into participating isn’t success. It’s scientology.