Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap — Season 2, Episode 3

So it was not delusion, it was a real happening. Cat has definitely snuffed it. The evidence is laid bare as we watch last week’s recap before the episode begins. Oh my, how will the lesbi-gang and little Ed cope? Get your lesbian vest on, tousle your hair, pour a Whiskey and let’s dive in.

Sarah: Will you miss Cat?
Lee: I will miss Laura Fraser’s face, but honestly, I’m more into seeing what develops without her.

Tess has been greeted in the kitchen by Sadie and Lexy’s mountain of unwashed dishes and old food remnants. Lexy walks in and can see that Tess looks somewhat frazzled and apologises for her mess, but really Tess is only annoyed by Sadie’s slatternly ways, due to her secret Lexy crush.

Tess tells her that she has tried, but failed every trick in the book to catch 40 winks. Lexy offers to smuggle her some morphine from the hospital – as a little joke – but this makes Tess look so hopeful that instead Lexy gives her a fragrant cuddle of comfort, much to Tess’s obvious delight.

Sadie saunters in wearing a red kimono, a lit fag draping out of her mouth. When Tess reminds her there is no smoking in the communal areas, she gives a genuine apology and then chucks the fag into a teacup.  She saunters to the fridge and takes one of Tess’s yoghurts from the fridge: the Artful Dodgeress is shameless in her half-inching of other people’s things. Her behaviour is getting on Tess’ wick and she points out that it’s her yoghurt with a hint of hysteria to her tone that makes both Lexy and Sadie raise an eyebrow. Sadie leaves to continue nursing Frankie with fags and natural yoghurt.

Lee: This is not about yoghurt you know that?
Sarah: It’s never about yoghurt, it’s never about tea.
Lee: It’s always about affairs of the heart and dead friends.

All of the lesbians at home watch Tess watch Lexy’s bottom as she moves around the kitchen. Sadie returns to get some spoons for Tess’ yoghurt and gets an eyeful of Tess getting an eyeful. She smiles a knowing Artful Dodgeress smile. She returns to the boudoir and wakes up Frankie with Tess’ yoghurt and spoons and the astute and delicately put observation that “Tess so needs to rub one out over Lexy.” Frankie lies amidst empty beer bottles, pictures peeling from the wall and dirty underwear.  It’s a bed called grief that Tracey Emin would win awards for.

Sadie continues with her sticky fingered ways, rummaging around for a pair of Frankie’s knickers to borrow. She has an interview with the magazine that she and Frankie took the photos for on the day of Cat’s birth/death day, so must be as clean as a whistle.

She wrote the article to accompany the photos, after Frankie recommended her writing to the magazine. Of course, in this case, the Frankie doing the recommending looked a lot like Sadie pretending to be Frankie.  Is there no end to the brilliant deceptive genius that is the Artful Dodgeress?

Frankie has a face like thunder, cares little for anything and just wants to smoke.
Frankie’s phone goes and she asks Sadie to answer it.

Sadie: Hello, Moody Cow Photography?

Sadie tells Frankie that it’s her mum calling. Frankie’s heart pelts and she leaps out of bed like Jiminy Cricket to hold the conversation in private, away from Sadie rummaging through her pants. Their discussion is brief but they have arranged to meet soon.

Tess hears Frankie on the phone and asks if she wants go to visit Cat’s grave with her or have lunch with her and Ed. Frankie does not want to get involved in either of those activities. Clearly she is not yet ready to take on that horrific reality just yet. Sadie comes to join them, eating Tess’ yogurt. Frankie heads to the shower clearly feeling they are both irritants she doesn’t want to be around.

Lee: Oh I know how sad Frankie is, but it’s making me sad that there’s not more togetherness with her and Tess.
Sarah: I think Tess reminds her of Cat and she can’t get her head round it all yet.

DS Sam Murray jogs along the Clyde with her dad. He suggests that they later go to the driving range; we suggest this is very, very lesbian. However Sam cannot, she has a counseling session that work is making her attend. Her dad reminisces over his days in the force, where you were basically treated like shit and indeed lucky to get your teeth fixed if you got them knocked out of your head whilst on duty, fighting the good fight. His tough Northern cookie attitude doesn’t hide his warm centre and the love he holds towards his daughter.

They stop for a break, and would you Adam and Eve it, a very flushed and sweaty Lexy appears, also jogging, along the Clyde at that very moment: a queer coincidence indeed. She gingerly approaches, hoping that Sam’s emotional state is a better one, but Sam’s dad’s presence makes Sam unable to be candid or speak about Cat in any context.

Daddy Murray: So how do you two know each other then?
Sam: Just from running.
Lexy: Yeah, just from running.

Both parties jog off as it’s all a bit unnatural and Daddy Murray has blatantly looked at Lexy’s bosoms, which makes us take against him somewhat, while equally understanding his predicament. It’s very confusing being a lesbian feminist sometimes. But then we laugh at him again when he says:

Daddy Murray: Nice girl. One of your lot?

When Sam arrives home, her mum is cleaning her and Cat’s bedroom. Sam goes a bit radio rental because she doesn’t want anything touched and also that f–king piece of dead tree has been moved and is now laying for all and sundry to take judgment of. Sam is not yet ready to take the steps of cleanliness or tree analysis. Her poor mum means well and says she wishes she could have met Cat.

Lee: Even in their grief Frankie and Sam are such opposites. Frankie is basically just being publicly sick in the street and Sam’s choking in a back alley.
Sarah: Darling, that was a delightful analogy.