Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap — Season 2, Episode 5

So Lip Service: The sequel has now settled into itself. It’s a bona fide new show even down to the direction and the long lingering shots of sexy Glasgow all melting into each other lovingly. Kudos to Harriet Braun for writing two different shows called Lip Service and actually managing to make us like the second one even more. Here goes, it’s the penultimate.

Sam sits, knuckles crossed in her flat looking angered by Cat’s last possessions strewn in front of her. Lexy rings her phone but Sam walks away from it.

Lexy is calling because she is due to meet Sam for another jogging session. She leaves a voice message exclaiming that resorting back to the way they were pre-Sam kiss attack should be a doodle. She says that she assumes she’s most likely trotting over to meet her anyhow. But we all know what assuming does don’t we? Something tells us there will just be one jogger in Glasgow on this day.

Lee: A straight friend training for the 10k told me the other day that she and her friends jog around the Clyde and they pretend to be Lexy and Sam.
Sarah: That’s quite weird.

Sadie swans into her kitchen in her familiar dressing gown garb, Tess is sitting looking at her laptop bemused at Sadie’s early morning rise. She informs Tess her adulteress Lauren is returning from her work travels, which has put a spring in her step. Tess tells Sadie that her lesbi-friend aka Cardiac Care’s make-up artist has been besieging her Facebook page.

Sarah: Block, block.
Lee: I really hate blocking.
Sarah: Why? If annoying people just kept turning up at your house, irritating you and upsetting you, you’d kick them out wouldn’t you?
Lee: No, I’d probably make them tea. Actual tea, not sex tea.

Sadie, as cool as a cucumber, lays out Lauren’s marital status and her new job situation much to Tess’ facial scorns. Sadie does not notice as she flicks mindlessly through a magazine, morally bereft.

Sadie: Lauren’s really into me, so…

Sam comes knocking and Tess goes to answer the door, she storms in like a detective on a case, as hard as nails, entirely unbreakable. She gives Sadie a stern death stare en route and turns to Tess.

Sam: I know about Cat and Frankie. You knew too, that’s why you’ve been avoiding me. How long?

Tess looks like she could s–t a brick. We have already s–t some bricks. Tess looks at Sadie, hoping for some deflection, but Sadie is still sitting utterly unperturbed by the scene unfolding before her. Sam whips her focus back demanding to rinse her of the details of the Cat McKenzie/Frankie Alan affair. Oh when we see their names there, we get a little pang. The type you get when friends move abroad and then you don’t write, because you’re all rubbish, but you know that you’re still friends forever and they can still sleep on your couch if they ever visit.

Sadie chips in with a bored drawl that Frankie and Cat were most likely continuing with their caper for a good while, and if so, there was nothing that could be done. Sadie, the voice of the truth bomb.

Tess: Look, honestly I only found out the day Cat died and I’ve been feeling so guilty.
Sam: Grow the f–k up Tess.

Lee: Oh god, I’m breaking out in a nervous rash.

Sadie: What was she supposed to do, make an announcement at the funeral?.

Sadie and Sam are antithesis; Sam raged by being cheated and treated like a mug, Sadie unaffected seeing the hopelessness of today’s anger on yesterday’s happenings.

Lexy walks in on the troubles and tells Sam to leave Tess alone for she is very small and the blame does not lie in her warm, happy little heart. The hot-cop, turned fraught-cop storms out. Tess panics about her well being. Lexy is visibly perplexed due to her deeper feelings but thinks that Sam should be left to cool off.

Sadie: Look I feel sorry for her and everything but there is only two people to blame for this and well, neither of them are here anymore so —

Sarah: That was all very tense. I think the fraught-cop’s anger is to be expected though?
Lee: Yes I get it, but it’s so uncomfortable to see anyone shouting at Tess.