Kacy and Cori on Season 3 of “The Real L Word”

On Season 2 of The Real L Word, viewers were introduced to married couple Kacy and Cori Boccumini as they planned to have a baby. Through failed attempts to secure a sperm donor from their group of friends to the eventual selection from a bank, we followed the pair through the ups and downs lesbian couples can face when trying to have a child. On Season 3, Kacy and Cori will continue to share their experiences in becoming moms. We talked with the duo about why they chose to do another season, how involved they are with the other women on the show and what they’ll never let the cameras catch them doing.

Photos courtesy of Showtime

AfterEllen.com: Why did you decide to do another season of the show?
Kacy and Cori:
It was a difficult decision to come back for Season 3. We had some reservations, given the circumstances. Ultimately, it was the overwhelming fan support that we received that made the decision for us. It’s the wonderful people who come up to us and say “thank you,” especially the younger LGBT youth. Our relationship offers some validation that they can love who they choose to love and also have some of the traditional practices of life (marriage, families, etc.) if they want to. It’s not automatically off the table because they are gay. It’s no small thing – to be able to offer that validation – just by loving my wife. It’s a huge responsibility to our community, and all communities for that matter.

AE: How involved are you in the outside drama that is the other women’s lives?
We are very fortunate to have great relationships with most of the women on the show because we get alone time with each of them. We aren’t in the scene, so any time we get to spend is often over dinners, or at our home, etc., so we really get the best of everyone.

Romi’s laugh is incredible, and her filthy sense of humor always brings a smile to our face. Whitney’s noises, the dread-twirls, and her stories about her many lives, adventures, and misadventures are endlessly entertaining. Alyssa is the rock, the chef, the organizer, the coordinator, and the listener. Kelsey is hilarious, caring, and so supportive: the things swirling around in that head of hers – totally genuine and unique soul. These are some amazing women, and we are proud to call them friends.

AE: What are you most looking forward to watching this season? What about the least?
We are looking forward to seeing how much each of us has grown in our lives. Another year older, and hopefully wiser, and another season of our lives gives viewers an opportunity to see several more aspects of each of us. We’re all rather complex, and represent different walks of gay life, and that’s such an important message.

We’re not looking forward to any of the drama. If it were up to us, we’d all be friends and value the experience we are so fortunate to share with each other. Laughing and connecting and seeing the bonds between women is much more novel than focusing on our differences.

AE: Is there anything off limits to the cameras or that you won’t share on social media with fans?
You will never see us naked. We don’t want that, nor do the viewers.

AE: How do you react from negative attention the show can generate from lesbians who think it isn’t an accurate portrayal of lesbians?
It’s correct that the show in no way captures every experience that Lesbians can or will ever have. How is that possible? People criticized The Cosby Show for being an idealistic view of African-American life in America, but it didn’t make it any less popular, or poignant, or important. This isn’t The Cosby Show. I am in no way making that argument, but The Real L Word offers a perspective of some LGBT women living their lives. I don’t believe that anyone has ever established the “L” is strictly for Lesbians. It wasn’t strictly Lesbians on the original series, so how can the reality version be any different? This is really a show about women, and it deserves its place in the conversation.

AE: Are there any misconceptions about you as individuals or as a couple?
When it comes to us, what you see is what you get. We are madly in love, and we believe in each other and our marriage so strongly. We would do anything for each other – walk through hell and back – and come out of it together. Our love really resonates with our friends and family, and we are thrilled that it translates to viewers who wonder if real love – like the kind in the movies – can ever really come true for LGBT people. Hopefully, we illustrate that it is entirely possible. We met in a bar. We fell in love. We got married. And we will love each other for the rest of our lives. The end.

AE: Anything else you want to share with viewers about Season 3?
This is real life. It’s going to be difficult to watch at times, and it might go to unexpected places. Watch with an open mind and heart.

The Real L Word‘s Season 3 airs Thursday nights on Showtime.