“The Good Wife” creators on what Kalinda’s up to in Season 4

Robert and Michelle King love Kalinda Sharma probably about as much as you do. Case in point: The Good Wife creators say that the upcoming fourth season of the CBS drama is going to be “the most Kalinda we’ve ever seen.” Considering how many characters the show has, that’s a major achievement, and says a lot about Archie Panjabi‘s talent, too.

At the CBS TCA party in Los Angeles this week, we asked Robert and Michelle what else we can expect from our favorite bisexual private investigator and which one (or two) of her lovers is returning.

Robert King (second from L) and Michelle King (far R) with their cast

Photo from CBS

AfterEllen.com: First off, is Jill Flint coming back this season?
Robert King:
Jill’s back. She’s already in three episodes. We love Jill.

Michelle King: And we can tell you Season 4 is starting out where Season 3 ended. It’s a big cliffhanger, vis-à-vis Kalinda, there’s a knock at the door and we’ll see who walks in.

AE: I have a feeling it’s her husband!
We’re not saying!

AE: But is it going to cause trouble for Kalinda and Lana’s relationship?
It will try!

RK: The difficulty is, her husband’s coming into an established life now. They’ve had five years apart. He’s coming into somebody who’s very different from when he left. So that’s interesting. It’s also interesting to see how the Kalinda side of things will veer and comment on the Alicia side of things, because both are dealing with husbands now.

AE: Are Kalinda and Alicia best friends again?
Best friends, but also it’s very complicated by the fact that Kalinda has promised to be honest and yet she’s in this very thick of a situation that would discourage honesty. It’s a very difficult challenge for her as to how honest to be.

AE: That was quite a sex scene between Kalinda and Lana last season! What led up to that in the writers’ room? Were you like “Let’s have some sex!”
 It’s a little more organic than that. It’s like that’s where they are in their relationship and that’s where she’s at in her life. It’s not imposed in the sense of like “Oh let’s put two women on.”

RK: Another thing, we really wanted to see a vulnerable side of Kalinda. Because Kalinda is someone who tries to keep too much vulnerability from being on her face. What we want to see is in the middle of some sex scene, a true side of Kalinda that comes out; that creeps out. And the two were amazing — Jill Flint and Archie were so good. I think it’s some of Jill Flint’s best work, except for this year, which is even better.

AE: Were you able to get Jill now that she’s off Royal Pains?
: That’s my understanding. She’s either off it or they limited the role in some way. We were also pursuing Kelli Giddish, who we love too. There are so many fun characters we’ve worked with but some of them are committed, as Kelli Giddish is to SVU. But we got Jill Flint!

AE: We can’t wait!

The Good Wife returns Sunday, September 30 on CBS.