“The Glee Project” recap: “A very lesbian week.” (Ep. 209)

It’s lesbian week on The Glee Project! It’s lesbian week on The Glee Project! Okay, so it’s “romanticality” week. Right, whatever — it’s lesbian week!

We start the episode with the remaining contestants discussing their thoughts and desires for the rest of the show, which is quickly getting down to the wire. Michael says to the camera, “I don’t want to sound cocky, I don’t want to sound arrogant, but…I’m really proud of how far I’ve gotten.” I know I’ve complained a bit about the final two boys in the competition, but right now I want to reach through the TV and give Michael a hug. You see, Michael, being cocky would be, “I know without a doubt that I am going to win this thing because I am the best,” which is a thing other contestants are saying. But being proud of yourself? That’s just being proud of yourself, buddy. And there is never anything wrong about that.

Robert comes in to announce the theme and this week’s homework song, which is the eternal early-90’s head-swaying hippie love jam, Extreme’s “More Than Words.” Who doesn’t like this song? Fascists, that’s who. On top of this amazing choice, Nuno Bettencourt, one half of the Extreme duo, is going to be there for it, playing those familiar, soothing chords on his guitar! What! Also, who knew his name was Nuno! I didn’t! But I am so glad I know now! Because that is an amazing name!

When Robert leaves the kids to arrange the choreography and singing of the song by themselves per usual, a very interesting thing happens: they decide they should couple up for the performance. And they seem to choose the couples with a relatively small amount of awkwardness. And as there are only two guys left, one of the couples is Aylin and Lily.

This is why this is interesting: we all knew from the previews that there was going to be a romantical lesbian pairing between Aylin and Shanna during the music video this week. But since the ideas for the music videos are always pre-determined by the mentors, it’s never really the contestants; choice. So I was prepared to watch the their reactions to being told they had to be gay this week. But — alas! Here we see that the performers actually thought of it themselves first!

And from this first two-lady pairing on through the rest of the episode, how it was dealt with was so remarkable, in that it was treated like it was no big deal. Like, yeah, so some of us are going to be lesbians this week, whatevs. There was no, “Ugh, this is going to be uncomfortable,” or, “I don’t want to do this!” No giggling, no unsure glances, from anyone. Everyone was just like, “Bam, okay, this is what we’re going to do, and let’s do it well.” The mentors don’t make a big deal of it, either. Bless these kids who want to be on Glee: the gay thing is a complete non-issue. As it should be. It just feels strange, in a good way, to actually witness something being treated as it should be. Did you know children are our future?

While Aylin and Lily are made out to have this antagonistic rivalry on the show, I actually think their chemistry whenever they work together is great. They’re both big personalities and big talents, and accordingly, they make a dynamic duo. When they’re discussing how they’re going to act out their coupleness, Lily says they should end it with a kiss. Aylin is like, “Great idea!” The lesbians go, “For sure!” Although this is actually the second time Aylin and Lily have kissed this season — remember that spin the bottle episode way back when? Basically, they got this down.

Before the homework song performance, we’re introduced to this week’s mentor, Darren Criss, Glee’s Blaine, or as my wife and I better know him as, That Guy Who Did The Amazing Harry Potter Musical. Any way you know him, he’s a charmer and I like his face.

And as promised, Nuno is there! He still has long hair, thank goodness! He seems genuinely excited to be there, which is adorable! And he references Robert losing his virginity to “More Than Words!” To which Robert basically goes, “Yup.” Oh, Robert. I can’t with this sudden vision of little gay you. Let’s cuddle.

The performance of this song is pretty good, although Darren only has really positive words for Blake and Ali. Michael and Shanna seemed stilted, and apparently Lily and Aylin’s lesbian performance was too “melodramatic.” I guess I can see this critique, but only a little. I mean, it’s a pretty dramatic song; I think their interpretation of it in their performance was mostly accurate. Also, have you ever met a lesbian before?

Shanna for some reason is also bringing out the bitchiness in this episode for the first time, whereas previously she has been Miss Sweet Girl. Perhaps winning all those homework assignments the past few weeks has gone to her head, but she states, “I don’t get negative feedback,” and then blames everything on Michael. Uh. Fact of life: everyone gets criticism? Calm down a little, Shanna.

Regardless, Blake finally wins a homework challenge, and they announce the big musical number, Rihanna’s “We Found Love.” I am not embarrassed to admit that this song is my jam. This week is awesome.